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Doctor Who: An Unbound Crossover?

Guest contributor Liam Egan proposes an 'Unbound' crossover.

We've already seen that in Doctor Who alternate universes can exist. Take for example 'Pete's World' introduced during the Tenth Doctor's era. But in my beliefs there could be many Doctor Who universes. The first is the main universe, which the rest are parallel with, and its doctors range from Hartnell to Capaldi. Another could feature the Morbius Doctors. We could also have many alternate realities, like if the Doctor had never left Gallifrey. This was a proposition posed in the Big Finish audio adventure Auld Mortality, which was the first title in a range of 'Unbound' audios featuring a range of actors playing alternative Doctors.

Auld Mortality, and it's sequel A Storm of Angels, features Geoffrey Bayldon as the alternative First Doctor, but there have also been six other actors take the lead in this wave of audios, including amongst them a female Doctor! What I propose is that one of these Unbound Doctors could make a crossover into the main universe featured in the show.

Personally I’d like it to be either the First 'Unbound' Doctor who never left Gallifrey, or the female Doctor who was the result of the Second escaping in ‘The War Games’ and regenerating into a woman. In my mind it would be highly unlikely that the first would crossover, even though this would lend a great dynamic. I can imagine a line where he says “so, this is what I’d be like if I left Gallifrey, how many times have I regenerated” With Capaldi replying “So many times that I needed a new cycle.”

The 'Unbound' Doctor who I think could work the best is the female Doctor played by Arabella Weir (and no! I’m not proposing 'doing a Mistress' move and change the name to the Doctoress!). This would be the biggest plunge into the gender of the doctor to date, but as we have had the idea of a female Time Lord escalating over the past few series it wouldn't be an entirely unwarranted situation. The showrunner, Steven Moffat, certainly seems to like the idea of teasing a change in gender for the Doctor, so like he did with the Master/Mistress this could be an interesting way of testing the water for a possible future official Doctor sex change.

So now we have the Doctors we need a story, and it might be interesting to use the Daleks. It's difficult to come up with something fresh for them nowadays, so maybe having to face two Doctors could work to the stories advantage. There could be a scene where the Daleks ask who the woman is, then Capaldi's doctor could explain that it is him... well not him, himself from another universe.

Just imagine if this, or something similar to this, was Steven Moffatt’s big "I don't think you'll see this coming" cliffhanger that he has previously announced, which is set to take place during the penultimate episode of series 9.

The Doctor seemingly at the mercy of the Daleks, with nowhere to turn and no hope of escape, when a dimension cannon transports Arabellle Weir’s Doctor to his position. Saving him from the Daleks, he is at first unable to accept that 'she' could be 'he' - I would love to see her slap Capaldi when he questions the female form. She would of course go on to near empathise with Clara! (Although being that this is as a two part episode, I'm hopeful the finale ends with Clara Oswald’s overdue death).

My question for you today is do you think a ‘Non-Canon’ Doctor could work in the main show? And if so who would you like to see crossover and why? 'Unbound' has shown us it really could be anyone, so your imagination really is the limit.

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