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Titan Comics: SCARLETT COUTURE #1 Review #bestbritcomics

This seasons hottest new comic book heroine makes her debut in impressive style...

Think James Bond meets Alias and you're halfway to Scarlett Couture, the brand new four part action espionage series from Des Taylor.

The premise behind the character is simple, what if a famous supermodel was actually a Government agent? Using her cover as a model and her exceptional beauty to her advantage. Getting close to the most powerful villains, seducing henchmen, and then delivering justice with a mixture of Weapons, Wing Chun and Jeet Kun Do.

Scarlett Carver is Head of Security for her mother’s internationally renowned fashion house, and also gathers intelligence for the CIA. So when a pair of supermodels are kidnapped in Las Vegas, there really is no-one better suited for the job of rescue and recovery.

No doubt the initial thing you'll be impressed with in this debut issue of Scarlett Couture is the artwork. Thanks in part to the often blurred backgrounds, the central characters just pop right out of the pages, none more than the generously endowed Miss Couture - but you'd expect that, right? What's the point in having a supermodel as your heroine if she's not drawn this way? Fortunately Des Taylor's style is absolutely perfect for this (check out his Despop site for more of the same), and he delivers a ten out of ten knockout.

The dialogue on the other hand can be a tad cheesy, Scarlett's inner monologue is also a little cliched, and the bad guys are a little too 'off the rack' - but then so is a lot of Bond, so is a lot Mission: Impossible, Charlie's Angels, Alias, 24 and countless other espionage series you can name. And this doesn't take anything away from what is an amazingly fun read, one I'd go so far as to say is my favourite new comic book of 2015. You'll whiz through it, not because it lacks substance but because it's just so enjoyable.

In the notes at the back of the issue Taylor points out that when a guy puts on a sharp suit or a tuxedo and climbs into a sports car, he feels like James Bond. And he's right, I know I've certainly had that moment. Taylor's hope is that when a girl puts on her little black dress, slips into those killer heels and grabs her clutch bag, she has a Scarlett Couture moment.

Time will tell if Taylor's dream becomes a reality, but for now he should be very content with Scarlett Couture being this seasons must have collection.

Scarlett Couture is released on Wednesday April 29th. Check out an advance art preview here.

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