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ARROW Season 3 Episode 21 Review: Al Sah-Him

Al Sah-Hmm? Margot Hitchcock has mixed emotions after the latest episode of Arrow.

The episode starts strong with some intense Darth Oliver training (thank you, Felicity's writers, for once again coining the perfect description of this scenario), which dramatically ends with Oliver “killing Diggle.” Obviously it was too early in the episode to be faced with such real trauma, so we all knew it wasn't real, but I guess they're trying to prove a point early. I get it. Oliver is no more. “There is only Al Sah-Him.” However, my biggest concern is this: does becoming Heir to the Demon's Head mean Oliver eternally has to speak in his “Hood voice”? Because while that would be cool, I feel like that's a vocal surgery waiting to happen. Vocal fry, anyone?

Then we cut to some MORE fighting, but this time consisting of the less-capable Laurel variety, who (yet again) screws up fighting even the simplest of thieves. I'm still on the fence as to whether they're purposely making her look bad so that we'll have an amazing Black Canary reveal later, but all I can say is that Brad Wilson and I definitely had this conversation earlier in the week. I almost feel as though Katie Cassidy might just be one of those awkward, lanky tall girls. You know, like the ones that can't walk in heels but try anyway? A lot of her movements seem out of control and lacking awareness. I don't know. Maybe that's the dancer in me speaking.

I would also like to point out some other hilarious Laurel moments this episode:
  1. “The student becomes the teacher.”
    Seriously? You want to be known for teaching someone to like french fries? That's not hard, Laurel. You still aren't cool.
  2. “There's something I haven't told you.”
    Oh my GOSH. Have you really not learned anything about keeping secrets from people? I would write more, but as soon as I made this note while I was watching, Nyssa called her out. Thank goodness.
  3. “This isn't my first day.”
    Well, you haven't improved much from your first day, so this point is just moot.
  4. “Let me handle it.” (said – once again – to Diggle)
    … Really? … I just can't.
However, I will give her props for her sweet canary cry. Finally something cool for Laurel. And I stress the word 'finally.'

Then after some flashback sequences, which still don't really intrigue me (if you're seeing something
that I'm missing, please point it out so I'll have some more insightful feedback about these “5 years in hell.”), we get the best line of the entire SEASON. It goes a little something like this (Yes, that was an “Aaron's Party” reference.):
“John, what's the house rule?'
“No Glocks on the kitchen table.”
YESSSS. Someone else who is Team Glock. And I've got the hat to prove it:

(If you can't tell, my hat literally says, “Team Glock.” And no, I do not apologize for my ridiculous duck face selfie.)

Anyway, after more complaining by Laurel and some correctly aimed frustration from Thea, we finally see Oliver/Al Sah-Him take it to a whole new level by kidnapping Lyla. Whoa, dude. Stealing your best friend's wife? I think in any application of that phrase, we can all agree that this is seriously not cool.

The only thing less cool would be showing up to the big fight as the only one wearing a mask. (Another Laurel burn for this episode.) Did anyone else notice that at the confrontation between Oliver and the League versus Team Arrow and Nyssa, Laurel is the only one wearing a mask. Laurel, we know it's you. There's no mask large enough to hide your incompetence.

On a much cooler note, however, Felicity, yet again, sticks it to the League when Maseo attempts to frisk the Starling City natives; to which her reply is simply, “Don't you dare touch me.”

This girl is incredible. She literally has nothing to fight these people with except her fierce attitude and super sharp smarts … which is why she is secretly packing heat for Lyla. And in case we didn't already have two pretty badass ladies on this team, (Yes, I mean Lyla and Felicity. Laurel has yet to make the cut, in case you haven't noticed.) Thea also shows up and sticks it to Oliver. Haha – get it? “Sticks it” to him. With an arrow. Bad puns aside, I really hope little Speedy shows back up again with the team. She's easily becoming one of my favorites on the show.

Then, as if Oliver/Al Sah-Him hasn't proven himself enough by killing people, he's told to kill Nyssa only to – psych! – be told he now has to marry her. What?!?

What a happy couple, right?

Does anyone else feel like Ra's is just making up rules here? First there was leaving behind your family and friends, then there was changing your name, then pretending to kill your best friend, then almost killing your largest rival, then … marrying your rival? Oh, yeah, and just to top it all off, we'll have you blow up your hometown, too. Would he like to add any other points? Like jumping up and down for 5 minutes on one foot while singing the “Fresh Prince” theme song?

But, at the very least, it creates a connection to the flashbacks for the next episode with the reveal of the Alpha and Omega. So overall, I thought this episode was a little overkill with the Oliver-Queen-is-dead attitude, but “Al Sah-Him” definitely helped create some anticipation for the approaching end of the season.

AND, not to mention, we have Roy back again next week, and possibly even catch a glimpse of Katana (aka modern-day Tatsu) thanks to the promo video for “This is Your Sword.”

Woo-who! Speaking of jumping up and down, I think I might be doing that until next week because I'm so excited! Have a wonderful week, you nerds – and go see Avengers: Age of Ultron to get your fix on if you can't wait until next Wednesday's Arrow.

Margot is a huge supporter of all things relating to "nerd culture," in particular those involving superheroes and Disney. She loves books, movies, music and working out, and currently lives in Athens, GA, with her rabbit, Gigi. 

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