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This Week In DOCTOR WHO History: June 14th to June 20th

The Ninth Doctor's era comes to an end this week in Doctor Who history...

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June 14th
The penultimate episode of The War Games, and indeed the Second Doctor's era was broadcast on this day in 1969. Episode nine of the ten part saga drew an audience of 4.1 million viewers. Almost double that amount, 8.05 million, were tuned into the Tenth Doctor story, Midnight, when it was broadcast on this day in 2008.

June 15th
Not one Doctor Who episode has received its premiere broadcast on this day! It's actually only the second Who free day of the year so far. Sadly though, more Who free days are to come in the next few weeks.

June 16th
As well as being Carole Ann Ford's (Susan) birthday, June 16th also saw episode five of The Green Death broadcast in 1973 to an audience of 8.3 million viewers. Skipping ahead to new-Who and the Tenth Doctor was about to catch up with an old nemesis after a trip to Utopia. First broadcast in 2007 at 7:15pm, and guest starring Derek Jacobi as Professor Yana/the Master, this episode was watched by 7.84 million viewers.

June 17th
Episode 5 of The Evil of the Daleks was broadcast in 1967. It's missing from the BBC archives so only the lucky 5.1 million viewers tuned in got to see it in all its glory. Then we have another episode 5, this time its from the Third Doctor adventure The Time Monster. The 1972 story drew an audience of 6 million on its debut broadcast. Lastly for this day, it's one of the best Doctor Who stories from the last decade (a-hem), consistently topping fan polls as the favourite new-Who adventure (A-Hem), and featuring the most popular monster the series has ever created - the Abzorbaloff (A_HEM!!!), yes ladies and gentlemen it's Love and Monsters. Broadcast on this day in 2006 at 7:00pm, and watched by a slightly disturbing 6.66 million viewers.

June 18th
On this day in 1966 4.5 million people tuned in to episode 4 of The Savages, a story that came very near the end of the First Doctor's era. 39 Years and eight regenerations later (well, nine with the War Doctor) and it really was the end of an era, as a 'fantastic' 6.91 million tuned in to see the Ninth Doctor say goodbye in The Parting of the Ways.

June 19th
Oh no! June 19th 1965 saw an episode called The Death of Doctor Who broadcast. Spoiler alert: As the 9 million people watching will tell you, the Doctor didn't actually die! He couldn't really as there was still one more episode of The Chase to go after this, not to mention (currently) 50 more years of adventures to be had. Another episode five for today, and it comes from the The Dæmons. Broadcast in 1971 at 6:10pm, this Third Doctor's classic adventure was watched by 8.3 million viewers. Moving on to new-Who and 7.58 million were tuned in to the penultimate episode of the Eleventh Doctor's debut season. That Matt Smith always gave good speech, as evidenced here in 2010s The Pandorica Opens.

June 20th
The opening episode of the 1964 6-part serial The Sensorites (titled Strangers in Space) was broadcast in 1964 at 5:14pm and watched by 7.9 million viewers. And finally for this week in Doctor Who history the seventh and final episode of Inferno was broadcast in 1970 at 5:15pm, with the Third Doctor's debut season signing off to a respectable 5.5 million viewers.

That's it for this week, but did you watch any of these adventures live? We'd love to hear your memories about any of them. Tell us in the comments below.

Until next Sunday...

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