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10 Of The Most Bizarre MARVEL Superheroes

Think Ant-Man is strange? Think again! Geek Dave takes a look at ten of Marvel's strangest Superheroes, and villains, who have appeared in their comics.

Many people thought it was a strange decision to bring Iron Man to the screen before Thor or Captain America. Others questioned Marvel making a big screen version of Guardians of the Galaxy, and some people are still not sure if Ant-Man will work (it will). But join me as we look at some of Marvel's strangest Superheroes with the weirdest abilities. Let's just say, it's unlikely any of these will be joining The Avengers on screen...

Zeitgeist was a mutant who appeared in the X-Force comics. He could spew acidic vomit from his mouth, once even doing so over the face of his date! Nice, I don't think she ever called him back!! He wore a protective mouthpiece in and out of his costume, which was probably just as well as his vomit could burn through 10cm thick steel in less than 30 seconds

Maggott was one of the strangest X-Men ever. A South African mutant whose digestive system took the form of two slugs (Eany and Meany) which could eat through practically any substance. After feeding, the slugs reentered Maggott's abdomen and passed nourishment into him - nice! In doing so they would increase Maggott's physical size, strength, stamina, and sturdiness, his his skin would turn blue and his eyes red.

Squirrel Girl
Squirrel Girl has a tail, buck teeth and can control squirrels! What? You thought she would be something more profound than that?

U.S. 1
Stick with me for one of the weirdest origin stories ever. Ulysses Archer (U.S.) and his brother Jefferson had always wanted to follow in their deceased Father's footsteps and become truck drivers - it's every kids dream after all. One day Jefferson met a group of aliens who had come to Earth recruiting truck drivers to pilot spaceships (natch). After Jefferson returned to Earth, he and U.S. were in a truck that went over a cliff. Severely injured, the aliens fixed U.S.'s bashed in skull by replacing it with a metal one that picked up C.B. transmissions. I kid you not!

First appearing in The Spectacular Spider-Man #12, Razorback may wear a pig outfit and have excellent hand to hand combat but that's not his superpower. Oh no! Razorback has the amazing ability to be able to drive any vehicle! For reals!!

Proving that timing is everything, Dazzler arrived in 1980 when the world was pronouncing Disco to be dead. Dazzler had the amazing ability of turning sound into light. Originally this was supposed to be a cross-promotion between Marvel and Casablanca Records, Marvel Comics would develop a singing superhero, while Casablanca would produce an actual singer, however Casablanca pulled out. Amazingly Dazzler lasted 42 issues!

Leather Boy
Looking like a member of a Village People tribute band, Leather Boy possessed no skills or abilities whatsoever but attempted to join The Avengers because he thought they were an S&M group - well with those costumes he's got a point!

The Whizzer
I would LOVE to tell you that The Whizzer had superhuman urinating abilities, but alas his talents were more in line with The Flash. It's the way alter-ego Robert Frank came about his super speed that is bizarre, he was bitten by a cobra and received a transfusion of mongoose blood!

Refusing admission to nightclubs is not Doorman's special ability. Instead he can teleport anyone somewhere else with his body serving as a portal, which could be pretty cool but there are limitations. Poor Doorman can only teleport you to the next room, so basically he's a walking door.

Hindsight Lad
Finally it's Hindsight Lad, with the power of hindsight and absolutely no super abilities at all. He first appeared in 1993, 17 years later South Park did it so much better...

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