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Six Of The Best JAMES BOND Opening Sequences

Rob McCarthy looks at 6 of the best James Bond 007 opening sequences.

From the moment we get that view down the gun barrel and James Bond 007 walks in to view it's time to sit up an pay attention, because you know you're going to witness something truly spectacular before we even get to the main focus of the story.

The James Bond opening sequences can often be the most exciting scenes in the movie, feeling like mini stand-alone adventures themselves. Stunts, pursuits, fights, gadgets, girls and the legendary Bond quips all condensed into a few intense minutes. You need the theme song to arrive to give you a chance to breathe before we get back to another 2 hours of action.

So let's look back at six of the very best opening sequences the Bond franchise has delivered. Why six? Well there are six actor's who have played Bond and I knew I wanted to include at least one from each of them. So, starting with Bond number 2, George Lazenby...

6. On Her Majesty's Secret Service
Although the beach fight sequence is not as action packed as many Bond openings, I really love this for Lazenby's line "This never happened to the other fellow." Possibly my favourite Bond quip of all time.

5. Licence To Kill
Timothy Dalton's second, and final Bond outing kicks off with Bond on the way to Felix Leiter's wedding, but first there's a helicopter jump and a plane to lasso. Does Bond get Leiter to the church on time? Of course he does, via parachute! I love this opening because it's just so cool.

4. Skyfall
A brilliant action sequence on top of a train. Sam Mendes did an amazing job and I still wince every time I see Daniel Craig leap from his bike and land on that metal container.

3. Goldfinger
Sean Connery starts this one disguised as a seagull - well there's one on his hat! Bond then goes on to all out action, secret lairs, girls, dinner jackets, explosions, naked girls, bad guys, electrocution and a classic quip. Everything you want in a Bond opener.

2. Goldeneye
Pierce Brosnan's debut outing as Bond saw him (well his stunt double) bungee jumping from the top of the 750-foot tall Verzasca Dam in Locarno, Switzerland. It was breathtaking, and easily the most impressive stunt ever featured in a movie.

1. The Spy Who Loved Me
It had to be The Spy Who Loved Me at number one. The whole sequence is exceptional, and every time I see the ski jump scene I just want to punch the air with delight at the moment that Union Jack parachute appears. It's got it all.

What's your favourite James Bond opening sequence?

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