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Doctor Who: More Spoilerific Details For The Series 9 Finale?

Potential spoilers included below. Proceed with care...

Following on from our potentially very spoilerific 'Is *Redacted* Returning For Series 9 Finale?' story from a couple of weeks back, comes some new rumours regarding the final two episodes of Doctor Who series 9.

As ever our usual Captain Jack Spoiler Bomb marks the point you really need to leave if you want to remain spoiler free.

For the rest of you, see you on the other side...

Ah, so you're sticking around, eh?

Our previous story featuring finale rumours (here) described how more than one past Doctor would allegedly be making a guest appearance in episodes 11 and 12 of series 9. Just like that post, we believe this new information to have come from an on-set source. And also, just like that post, they are just rumours at this point in time and clearly will not be confirmed or denied by any official sources on the show.

Steven Moffat recently said this about the finale:
"A challenge. I won’t say anything else because it would be too spoilery, but when you’ll watch it, you’re going to ask how exactly the Doctor and Clara are going to pull it off."
We are told that the two-part finale will focus on the rediscovery of Gallifrey, which is located in an all but dead state. The challenge for the Doctor is to bring an entire planet, an entire civilisation back to life.

We're told that the first part of the episode will solely feature the Doctor, no other characters at all. But that's not to say it will only feature Peter Capaldi! Apparently it is set mainly in catacombs located under Gallifrey, which include tombs allegedly guarded by 'ghosts' known as the Sliders who are revealed to be the 'spirits' of old Time Lords, including past Doctors (hence the Tennant and McGann rumours).

Obviously we will have to wait and see if these rumours pan out, but with all this talk of older Doctors appearing I can't help but have the words of the Curator go round my head...
"You might find yourself revisiting a few old faces"

Could this story tie into Capaldi's brief 'attack eyebrows' appearing in The Day Of The Doctor? Which again is something both Moffat and Capaldi have hinted at being resolved soon.

Time will tell.

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