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Doctor Who: Series Nine Prequel Images - THE DOCTOR'S MEDITATION

Wanna little looksee at the Doctor Who Series Nine Prequel? Well alright then....

We've known for some time that there will be a prequel minisode for Doctor Who series nine. BBC America broke the news that it would air alongside the US 3D cinema screenings of Dark Water / Death In Heaven, and that it would be called The Doctor's Meditation. But what it would be about and who it would feature had been a mystery.

Until now.

A couple of images have been released confirming that Peter Capaldi is at least included. Above you can see him with Daniel Hoffmann-Gill, who plays the character Bors in the series nine opening episodes The Magician's Apprentice / The Witch's Familiar.

Interestingly the chalice that the Twelfth Doctor is holding seems to be the exact same one that the Sisterhood of Karn presented to Paul McGann's Eighth Doctor, and which he subsequently drank from, in The Night of the Doctor! See...

What do you think?

Anyway, I said we have a couple of images from The Doctor's Meditation and we do. Below we can see the Twelfth Doctor leading Bors and the rest of the newly assembled Time Team crew on a dig for archaeological wonders.

Possibly. Maybe. Probably not.

(Quick aside for our American cousins:
Yes, you're right. Us Brits do all still live in castles just like that.)

The Doctor's Meditation will air on September 15th and 16th in US Cinemas, and we have to suspect that it will also hit the internet at the same time.

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