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The Strangest Ever SUPERHERO Merchandise

Do you like to treat yourself to some cool superhero themed items every now and then? Maybe buy a nice looking Spider-man T-shirt or an awesome Batman action figure? Yeah, I get that. Well, you likely won't be spending your cash on anything in this collection of the strangest ever superhero merchandise...

Batman Interactive Hamster House
Batman has so many cool things associated with him. His Batmobile, his utility belt, his Batcave, to name but three. And now, at last, your hamster can pretend he lives below Wayne Manor with his very own 3 level interactive Batman themed cage! A product so unbelievable that I have to include this link to Amazon just to prove that it does actually exist (sorry - they are out of stock). The best (best?) thing is that when little Hammy runs on his wheel Batman spins 360 degrees! Man alive, what will they think of next? Er... this...

Spider-man Tingling Spider-sense T Shirt
Combine a branded t-shirt with a motion sensor (which is literally stitched into the back), and voila... just like Peter Parker you too can experience the sensation of your 'spider-sense tingling'.

Red Chili Noodle Iron Man 3 instant soup
When a new superhero movie rolls out there are all kinds of weird product tie-ins, like this Japanese cup of instant soup. The red chilli noodle combo was put together to "resemble" Iron Man himself (?), and in no way was it just a flavour that was flagging in sales and needed a boost. Uh-huh, not at all. And neither was this...

Burger King Dark Whopper
In the Summer of 2007 Burger King took their Whopper and added a little splash of pepper-jack sauce to create the "unique" Dark Whopper. A product that supposedly represented Peter Parker's luring to the dark side in Spider-man 3. Stick around, there's more on this one....

Burger King Dark Knight Whopper
In the Summer of 2008 Burger King took their Whopper and added a little splash of pepper-jack sauce to create the "unique" Dark Knight Whopper. Seriously. Where do their marketing executives get their "unique" ideas from?

Iron Man Iron
Although it might encourage me to iron a little more often, for safety's sake, won't somebody think of the children!

Spider-Man Webmaker
A toy that our very own Geek Dave actually received one Christmas in the 1970s. So over to him for a bit of reminiscing:
"There is no way this toy would be legal today! One Christmas a very nice Aunt gifted this bit of 1970s pre-safety standards madness to me. Basically you could make your own 'real webs' using the tube which contained some kind of chemical fluid glue-ish concoction. You could then hang the very very tiny Spider-Man figures from the 'webs'. This seemed absolutely awesome at the time, but that may be because the whole family were as high as a kite from the glue in the tube. By the time The Queen's Speech came on the tube was empty, I'd run out of 'web', my little brother had swallowed the incredibly tiny Green Goblin and everyone in the house was hallucinating.
Great days!"

Green Lantern Vinyl Figurine
As if Ryan Reynolds wasn't bad enough in the movie, some company thought "I know, let's produce a hypochondroplasia Green Lantern figurine."

Comic Book Hero: Action Figure Customizing Kit
Here's a nifty little way to get around paying a licence fee to either Marvel or DC Comics, let people make their own superhero which just may end up looking like one from the comics.

The Duck-Avengers
Avengers the bathtub! Yes, finally you can make every bath time fun time with this range of superhero style rubber duck. Is it just me or does Black Widow duck look like she has play-doh for hair?

Official Superman Sky-Diving Parachutist
If there's one thing we all know about the Man of Steel it is that he clearly needs a parachute to go about his super heroics! Take a close look at the figure itself and you'll see that although the makers promise "realistic floating action" they make no guarantee that facially it will look anything like Supes at all. Unless he's modeled on that time when Kal-El parachuted too near to the sun and burnt his face off that is!

OK, so this is a bootleg product, but one which I had too include. I've always suspected that when he wasn't fighting crime in Gotham City, Bruce Wayne would cross dress and ride around Wayne Manor on his magical (battery operated) unicorn. Actually now I say that out loud it sounds like a long lost Joel Schumacher movie!

Sense Of Right Alliance
One more bootleg, and one of the weirdest combinations of them all! This superhero team was put together to rival the Avengers... and to cash in on those parents who couldn't afford the official released action figures. From left to right we have a Car (from Cars), the Blue Power Ranger, Superman, Batman, Spider-Man and Shrek. I would pay serious cash-money to see that movie!

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