You're Gonna Need A Holo-Boat! It's The Trailer For JAWS 19

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Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the Holomax...

This time it's really, REALLY, personal...

How cool was that? It might be a spoof trailer but it was actually put together by Universal itself, all in honour of Back To The Future Part II day, which everyone knows is...

Finally, though, we now know the *real* history of the Jaws franchise. From the very real Jaws 3-D with Lou Gossett Jr. and the incredibly bad Jaws The Revenge (the film that paid for Michael Caine’s house) through to the later Jaws sequels including a Jaws family film, a Jaws space adventure, Jaws taking on a Russian shark, and two Jaws prequels.

I'll be buying the DVD box-set.

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