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Doctor Who: The Gunpowder Plot

Christopher Morley remembers, remembers some of the Adventure Games featuring the Doctor.

Remember, remember, the fifth of November- gunpowder, treason & plot! Oh, and the Eleventh Doctor stumbling into it & finding much more than just Guy Fawkes- according to some the last man to enter Parliament with honest intentions. He appears in The Gunpowder Plot, the final instalment, though meant as the first of a planned but ultimately scrapped Series Two of Adventure Games voiced by Ralf Little.

As well as the Plot, there's also a continuation of the implied war between the Sontarans & Rutans which started as far back as Horror Of Fang Rock.

The Gunpowder Plot was written by Phil Ford, the man behind Series Eight's Into The Dalek as well as 2014's Twelfth Doctor game The Doctor And The Dalek.

In The Doctor and the Dalek:
"Players join the action as the TARDIS materialises amidst a deadly pursuit through space – a Dalek Saucer bearing down on a Cyber-ship. But from that Cyber-ship emanates a distress call – from a Dalek! On freeing the battered Dalek from his Cybermen captors, the Doctor finds himself taking his new unlikely ally on a mission to save all of creation from destruction at the hands of his greatest enemies. But why would a Dalek turn to its mortal foe for help? To find out, join the Doctor and the Dalek in a new adventure spanning the Sontar homeworld and its vile Clone Chambers, which have never been shown on-screen before, as well as reintroducing the icy Cyber-tombs of Telos – last seen in classic Doctor Who episodes"
Earlier contributions to the computer world of the Doctor include three more Ford scripts for the first series of Adventure Games. He wrote the first- City Of The Daleks...

...the second- Blood Of The Cybermen...

...and the fourth- Shadows Of The Vashta Nerada...

The third, TARDIS was handled by James Moran...

But back to the explosive events surrounding November 5th, and joining Ralf Little in the cast for The Gunpowder Plot was Emilia Fox as Lady Winters, a Rutan spy! Jamie Oram- aka George from Night Terrors plays Barnaby, and Phil Daniels appears as Geoffrey Plum, a town crier. Dan Starkey also pops up as the Sontaran Field Major Kaarsh...

The Gunpowder Plot allowed you to play as Rory Williams for the first time, as opposed to alternating between the Doctor and Amy Pond. Chronologically the game itself takes place somewhere between The Girl Who Waited and The God Complex.

What was it like for Ford as the writer of the majority of the Games? An interview with him by the BBC's official Doctor Who website in May 2012, marking two years since the Adventure Games series started, revealed:
"I think seeing your script turned into something action-packed, thrilling, funny and maybe scary on a screen, whether that’s a TV screen or a computer monitor, is what it’s all about. And this was something special. I’d done animation before, but never as part of a computer game."
You can read the full interview here.

But for those who prefer a little light reading around the bonfire instead of online gaming, there is always Gareth Roberts's First Doctor novel The Plotters to consider.....

Featuring the First Doctor, Ian, Barbara and Vicki, it sees the TARDIS materialise in London in November 1605. While Ian and Barbara set off for the Globe Theatre, Vicki accompanies the Doctor on a mysterious mission to the court of King James. What is the link between the King's adviser, Robert Cecil, with the hooded figure called 'the Spaniard'? Why is the Doctor so anxious to observe the translation of the Bible? And what is brewing in the cellars of the Houses of Parliament?

Fireworks aplenty!

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