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A Very STAR TREK Christmas

Nathan Browne spends Christmas with Starfleet...

Although Star Trek has never produced a full blown Christmas Special (apparently The Trouble With Tribbles was billed as such when first broadcast on 29th December 1967), Christmas itself has featured in many of the different incarnation of the show. So if you want to spend the festive season with your friends from Starfleet then maybe a montage of these episodes or segments will help out.

Star Trek: TOS - Dagger of the Mind
Broadcast on 3rd November 1966 and featuring the aptly named Helen Noel. She implants some suggestions into Kirk's mind, including that the pair of them had met at a Christmas party which resulted in them going back to Kirk's quarters for a romantic evening. It didn't happen of course, but who'd put that past the Captain?

Star Trek: TNG - Devil's Due
Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without Charles Dickens much loved A Christmas Carol, and in The Next Generation episode Devil's Due (broadcast February 4th 1991) Data loads up a holonovel of the story to study method acting, taking the lead role of Ebenezer Scrooge himself.

Then you could always watch Patrick Stewart's 1999 TV movie version of Christmas Carol, and pretend that too takes place on the Holodeck...

Dicken's tale of Scrooge is also referenced in two Voyager episodes. In the opening pilot episode, Caretaker, Tom Paris explains to Harry Kim about why he finally confessed to the error which killed his shipmates - "the ghosts of those three dead officers came to me in the middle of the night and taught me the true meaning of Christmas".  Then in the season 4 story The Omega Directive, the Doctor recommends that Seven of Nine read A Christmas Carol for "educational value".

Star Trek: DS9 - Our Man Bashir
Possibly not the best Christmas present you could give to someone who you are romantically involved with in real life but in the season 4 Deep Space Nine episode first broadcast November 27th 1995 'Julian Bashir, Secret Agent' gave Anastasia Komananov (who had taken on the physical characteristics of Kira Nerys) a set of exploding earrings for Christmas 1963. It was all part of a Holoprogram of course.

Star Trek: Voyager - Death Wish
In this episode broadcast February 19th 1996 the USS Voyager is briefly disguised as an ornament on a Christmas tree, spawning countless Star Trek tree decorations to hit the internet.

Star Trek: Generations
The closest thing we have to a proper Star Trek Christmas special came in 1994 as part of Star Trek Generations. While trapped in the Nexus in 2371, Captain Jean-Luc Picard experienced a Christmas. There was tree, presents and Christmas dinner. He had illusory children and wife, and stopped to watch the snow falling - until Guinan revealed the illusion. But then a kind of Christmas gift was presented to us, the meeting of the two Captains...

Finally, it wouldn't be Christmas without some wassailing. So, er, make it so...

...and how about Captain Kirk himself, the great William Shatner performing Good King Wenceslas...

Merry Christmas to you all.

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