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ARROW Season 4 Episode 9 Review: Dark Waters

Are you sitting comfortably? Margot Hitchcock has a tale for you...

Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to read you a little story:

“Oliver Queen and the No Good Very Bad Day: A Picture Book”

My name is Oliver Queen,
At night, I like to wear green.

Most days I fight crime with my friends,
But today, the fun came to an end.

I tried to do good for my city,
But a helicopter shot at us - put us all in a tizzy.

Then this guy stole my best friend, my sister, & bae,
And things turned into a no good, very bad day.

I tried to fix things and fought the best that I could;
I even loaned this Ra's Al Ghul guy my green hood.

Finally after proposing to the love of my life,
We got shot at again, and it ended in strife.

There were also some flashbacks which didn't do much
Except show a shark try to eat me for lunch.

To this no good, very bad day, I'm a hater.
So here's to next year, may it come sooner than later.

Merry Christmas to all! Enjoy 8 Crazy Nights!
I'm sure we'll start the New Year with one heck of a fight.

Please, please. Hold your applause. I know.

But seriously, a lot happened in this episode. Oliver and Company was dwindled down to Oliver … and not so speedy side-kick, Laurel in a “dominatrix outfit” (aptly labeled, Malcolm). However, I will applaud Laurel for actually doing something effective with her Canary Cry!

Yay! Claps for Laurel – she actually helped!

Speaking of applause, I think we all gave a round when Olicity FINALLY gets engaged. Was it the romantic gesture I hoped for? Not exactly. Was it well played? I guess so. Probably the picture in my head would've turned into a mushy Pride & Prejudice scene ending with a “And how are we today, Mrs. Queen? Mrs. Queen? Mrs. Queen?” However, our/my dreams are obviously on hold due to the fact that Felicity seemed to be pretty, shall we say, out of sorts at the episode's close.

Do I think they killed off someone as pivotal as Felicity? No. Am I little concerned? Yes. Let's just say, I'll definitely be looking forward to this season's red hot second half. Bring on 2016, CW!

Jumping back to the present, I do want to give huge snaps to Damien, for putting on a great show of force against Oliver. This guy gets thwarted for a second and turns it around like it was his plan all along – now that's improv, my friends! However, I do feel like the build-up to this episode was a little over played. Following something as epic as “Heroes Join Forces,” I wanted the mid-season finale to offer some huge revelation a la The Flash revealing it's THIRD Flash presence all within the same season (sorry if you haven't seen “Running to Stand Still” yet … whoops). Growing killer plants & possibly killing off a main character doesn't really phase me (and probably many other viewers) anymore. Probably because ...

(1) history has shown more people come back to life on this show than stay dead

Are we getting the picture?
(And yes, I chose a shirtless Oli pic. Duh. Also, side note, he and Sara BOTH have technically died TWICE and been resurrected – once supposedly on the Queen's Gambit and a second time in a duel against Ra's & being shot with arrows by Thea, respectively.)

The entire team even makes a joke about Damien Darhk not really being dead after they blow up his hideout during this episode. Let's please assume this light-hearted approach to death is merely foreshadowing Felicity suffering a concussion of some sort.

(2) there are MULTIPLE ways we can conveniently bring people back from the dead

Again … this one just happened last week. Is it too early to reuse?

Or what about the Magic Hot Tub/Lazarus Pit? I know it was destroyed, but there are so many mystical peeps running around this DC universe, someone must know some way to fix a little magical plumbing issue, right? That, or bring back Constantine to do some very attractive magic conjuring. I vote yes. Or maybe Damien Darhk's little mystery box can help us out? 

Needless to say, Arrow fans, I wouldn't worry too much that grave-side Oliver is mourning his dearly beloved (and hopefully not departed) Felicity.

I look forward, nonetheless, to see how they tie this all together (and especially to see how Mr. Terrific fits in), so cheers to a fun cliffhanger & may the odds be ever in Felicity Smoak's favor! (Wait … wrong movie?)

Happy Holidays, nerds!

Margot is a huge supporter of all things relating to "nerd culture," in particular those involving superheroes and Disney. She loves books, movies, music and working out, and currently lives in Athens, GA, with her rabbit, Gigi.

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