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ARROW Season 4 Episode 14 Review: Code Of Silence

Margot Hitchcock breaks her code of silence for this weeks new episode of Arrow.

With the political focus this week’s Arrow shifted towards, I thought I would do a little political polling of my own. And here are the results for this week’s “Code of Silence.”

This episode establishes its energy from the get-go. A great political battle has begun on Oliver’s campaign; Donna Smoak is in full-on glitter mode (100% polling approval for the glitter by the way. Glitter is always a win in my book.); Damien Darhk is actually IN this episode. All great momentum/attention grabbers.

Plus, it finishes with high intensity, too! (This will hopefully create better momentum that the show has – I believe – been lacking these past few weeks. Keep it up, CW! We can and we will finish this season strong; I know it!)

  1. Felicity is probably, most definitely, we-really-hope-Curtis-isn’t-actually-dumb going to walk again! I am SO excited to see when Curtis finally steps into a more ass-kicking role as his vigilante counter; however, it’s been great getting to know just the “every day, average but actually a genius, well-rounded, compassionate & total genius” and overall terrific side of Curtis as well.
    A +++
  2. Damien has Oliver’s son!
    What?!? Where did that come from so suddenly, & how will Damien explain himself in the upcoming weeks? And how is he so wealthy but can’t afford a decent hairstyle for his daughter? She’s like if Wednesday Addams met Norman Bates’ mother’s wig. Did we seriously not have enough money in the budget to get this child something that doesn’t give her old lady hairline?
    Also, why is William so chill with hanging out with these strangers? He doesn’t come across as very intelligent. So many questions … but overall:
Energy & Movement of the Episode = 95% approval rating

The action sequences in this episode also catch our attention. They’re fast-paced, involve the entire team, and still have that snarky back-and-forth banter one might find in a Gilmore Girls episode sans all the references to coffee. Not to mention, the CW writers manage to achieve all that as well as some pretty cool stunt work. There are demolition battles, motorcycle chase scenes & some good old-fashioned murder-this-guy-with-a-shaving-knife. What’s not to love in this variety, right?

Well, actually in full disclosure, I have to admit I thought the chase sequence following Darhk’s wife was a little much. Was it cool to watch? Sure. Do I think it’s wise for a team to “sneakily trail” a limo in a cargo van, with two motorcycles & with Laurel suited up and standing on a one-level landing? No. I don’t know many drivers – trained or not – who wouldn’t notice if a motorcycle (1) skidded to a stop, then proceeded to speed along noisily behind them and then (2) went airborne above their car & yet again noisily sped along behind them. So sure, points for creativity; however, the improbability and lack of vigilante professionalism in that sequence docks some points.

Action Sequences = 80% approval rating

Let’s examine something I wasn’t so fond of this go-round. This episode’s tagline/motto concerning “healthy” or “loving” secrets was ridiculous. I’m sorry, but if this show has taught me anything (I’ve had a few life experiences to support my claims as well), it’s this:
Secrets, secrets are no fun!
But truly. No.

I wanted to slap Thea (and I LOVE Thea) when she’s all, “Oliver, keep your secret out of respect for the mother of your child. Don’t stress about lying to the people you love most.”

Because learning the truth never made a lot of bad things seem good. Right, Thea?

Oh, wait. YES, IT DID.

Can we PLEASE just tell Felicity the truth already? I do NOT support this message of protecting people through lies. Maybe it’s the kindergarten teacher in me, but I believe that, “Honesty is the Best Policy!”

For that reason, I give the following:

Show’s Takeaway Message = 30% approval rating.

And I give Thea a big #Fail for not being a good sister during a time your brother needed you to remind him that secrets usually hurt more than help.

Couple of other moments that are affecting tonight’s polls:
  • Did I mention glitter already? Because glitter. J
  • An all-around high-five for the Smoak ladies. While they’re very different, this mother-daughter team consists of two pretty savvy and pretty Smoak-in’ women. It’s enjoyable to see Donna’s mostly one-dimensional character display a little unexpected grit & self-awareness. The Arrow writers are doing a pretty good job with her.
  • I know I mentioned glitter already (possibly twice), but that waitress at the party wearing the blue glitter/sparkle dress was AH-MAZING. Like, where can I find that outfit?
  • And last but certainly not least, the Damien Darhk Squad meeting. He’s like if Taylor Swift’s girl squad turned evil & started acting like Dr. Evil and his team from Austin Powers. Plus his assortment of colleagues now involves Malcolm Merlyn. That should be an interesting game-changer. However, it is interesting that Malcolm doesn’t mention Oliver Queen is the Green Arrow. (Even though Oliver more than gives it away when he mutters his “explosive” comment towards Ruve. Definitely worth it though.)
Based on the evidence above & in an effort of being as impartial as possible (aka that’s impossible), I would give “Code of Silence” a solid approval rating of 85%.

Nicely done, Team Arrrow. Keep up the work and the momentum you’ve established this week and you’ll be 100% in no time.

And who knows, this trailer for next week looks so incredible, they might reach 110%.

Margot is a huge supporter of all things relating to "nerd culture," in particular those involving superheroes and Disney. She loves books, movies, music and working out, and currently lives in Athens, GA, with her rabbit, Gigi.

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