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Retro Computer Ads To Make You Feel Old

It's sometimes easy to forget just how far computers have come over the last 50 years. It wasn't so long ago we had processors the size of chest freezers, modems the size of microwaves and the chance to purchase huge 10mb hard dives for only (only!) $3,398.

So if you grew up with 5.25" floppy disks, dot matrix printers and cursor key joysticks then we've unearthed some vintage ads for computers, accessories, and related technology which might help you relive the 'good old days'...

"This is a computer?" - Echoing the thoughts of anyone under the age of 30!

Er, yeah. Not sexy.

*Read the small print and you'll see its actually 5 Grand. I thought $3,495 sounded cheap!

I actually had this. The ZX80. With its whopping 1kb of memory.

What the hell is that???

Well if the Shat says so then it must be true

And making a stop at the Chiropractor as they've put their back out lugging the thing around.

I'll take two!

Proof that even before the internet boom of the 90s the sex industry was making a buck from your home computer.

Look, it's the 20th Century version of Amazon. Or 'shops', as we used to call them.

...Or it's neither.

That's a chest freezer, right?

And designed to squash a small child to death.

Fun fact: The images on this page total over 10MB.

What the what? Were there no advertising standards in 1984? They are literally telling you that HERO JR is a fully functioning robot (which looks like a squared-off Dalek) with all the capabilities of Robin Williams in Bicentennial Man.

Hmm, I somehow doubt that!

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