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Five Gadgets From Star Trek That Actually Became Reality!

Jonathan Bird finds that the future is here today...

These days everyone is using the latest dating app on their smartphone or tablet! Well believes that without Star Trek’s vision of the future some of this sci-fi technology wouldn’t have made it off the drawing board! So here are 5 examples of technology seen in Star Trek that now actually exists.

1. The Communicator
One of the most iconic pieces of Star Trek technology is the communicator.

The way we all talk to one another is now virtually the same as our favourite shipmates did. In fact, some of the first mobile phones followed the design of the Original Series ‘Beam me up Scotty’ Communicator. Today our mobile technology has evolved even further to wearables, just like the intrepid crew used during their very first motion picture back in 1979.

2. In-ear comms
Originally designed for ship to ship communications, Lt Uhuru’s in-ear comms is instantly recognisable today. Everyone from the Secret Service to drivers on the go use a similar functioning Bluetooth device to keep in contact.

3. The Visor
Lt Commander Geordi LaForge, Chief Engineer of the USS Enterprise in Star Trek The Next Generation, was born blind. LaForge wore a VISOR (Visual Instrument Sensory Organ Replacement) to see his way around in the 24th Century.

Here in the 21st Century,  a team at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem has developed a similar device called the Sensory Substitution Device that ‘hacks’ into the visual cortex of blind people and allows them to identify objects.

As well as that, in 2014 Google’s top secret division, Google X, developed the Google Glasses, which offer a wealth of information delivered directly to the user. This technology is now being expanded into Microsoft’s HoloLens, which allows you to superimpose media on top of your surroundings.

4. Phasers
Captain Kirk, First Officer Spock and a famous redshirt would never leave the USS Enterprise without a Phaser "set to stun" strapped to their belts.

Back in 2009, Canadian scientists created a Star Trek style phaser that could be used to both stun and revive creatures. Although they only succeeded reviving worms!

Much more successful is the Dazzler, a directed-energy weapon which has been used since the first Iraq War. The Dazzler sends a pulse of electromagnetic radiation which can stop someone cold in their tracks.

5. PADDs
Back in the Original Series, Starfleet Yeomans would frantically pass PADDs to Captain Kirk asking for a signature to confirm vital shipboard operations. Come the Next Generation, Captain Picard would've been lost without his PADD.

PADDs, or Personal Access Display Devices, hit the mass markets when the very first iPad launched back in 2010, and are used for everything from doctor's rounds to playing the latest craze game.

Some of the technology that has been mentioned will be used by many of you on a daily basis without you even giving it a second thought (not the Phaser, for obvious reasons!). The point is that we don't have to wait until the 23rd Century, Star Trek’s vision of the future is all around us every single day of our lives.

Jonathan Bird is the founder and Managing Director of, an industry leading dating group including niche sites worldwide including and dating advice from over 100 experts. His one and only ever employee review stated that Jonathan Bird was an out of the box thinker. In fact, Jonathan has no idea where the box is. 

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