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This Week In DOCTOR WHO History: May 29th to June 4th

River Song makes her debut, a good man goes to war, and Amy's not so sure about that cut-price Botox treatment this week in Doctor Who history...

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May 29th
Three episodes were broadcast on this day in Doctor Who history, each of them featuring a long standing foe. Firstly, in 1965 we have episode two of the First Doctor/Dalek adventure The Chase (titled The Death of Time) which was watched by 9.5 million viewers. Two regenerations and it's another episode two, this time it's the Third Doctor and the Master in The Dæmons, drawing an audience of 8 million viewers. Lastly in 2010 we have the Eleventh Doctor and the Silurians in Cold Blood, which was watched by 7.49 million viewers.

May 30th
Back in 1964 the second part of The Aztecs (titled The Warriors of Death) was broadcast to an audience of 7.4 million viewers. Six years later Liz Shaw discovers that gentlemen don't always prefer blondes! It's episode 4 of Inferno, it was broadcast at 5:15pm and watched by 6 million viewers.

May 31st
The Second Doctor's final adventure The War Games continued on this day in 1969. Episode Seven broadcast at 5:16pm and watched by 4.9 million viewers. Then it's new-Who time, and hello to River Song in 2008's Silence in the Library. Broadcast at 7:02pm and watched by 6.27 million viewers.

June 1st
On this day in 1968 6.5 million people were watching the Second Doctor in one of the two surviving episodes of The Wheel In Space. Part six still resides in the BBC archives, alongside part two, but sadly parts 1, 3, 4 & 5 are sadly missing presumed wiped. Skip forward one regeneration and 6 years and it's almost time for Sarah Jane to shed a tear. The penultimate episode of the Third Doctor's swansong Planet of the Spiders was broadcast on this day in 1974 and watched by a 9.2 million viewers.

June 2nd
One classic Who episode and one modern Who episode were broadcast on this day. The classic being part three of 1973's The Green Death, which was watched by 7.8 million viewers. The modern being 2007's The Family of Blood, an episode which was watched by 7.21 million.

June 3rd
Episode 3 of The Evil of the Daleks was broadcast this day in 1967 at 5:44pm and watched by 6.1 million viewers. Then in 1972, it's another episode three, this time for the Third Doctor. The Time Monster drawing an audience of 8.1 million viewers. New-Who time, and it's the Tenth Doctor's debut season from 2006, with The Impossible Planet watched by 6.32 million viewers.

June 4th
Episode 2 of The Savages was broadcast on this day in 1966 and watched by 5.6 million viewers. Then no more Who for this day until 29 years later when the Ninth Doctor visited Boom Town. Broadcast in 2005 at 7:01pm and watched by 7.68 million viewers. Then, on Saturday June 4th 2011 if you were watching BBC One at 6:40pm you'd have seen the Eleventh Doctor in A Good Man Goes to War, along with 7.51 million other viewers.

That's it for this week, but did you watch any of these adventures live? We'd love to hear your memories about any of them. Tell us in the comments below.

Until next Sunday...

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