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An Important Ranking Of Dogs In Science Fiction

Man's best friend frequently appears in science fiction stories, but which dog is the best? It's a question that keeps many of us awake at night, so as part of our public service commitment we rank the ten best dogs in sci-fi (all others can scoop their own poop)...

10. Porthos (Star Trek: Enterprise)
Possibly the most tolerable character from Enterprise, in fact a re-edit of the entire series just told from the perspective of Captain Archer's beagle would maybe be a better idea than 90% of Enterprise itself.

9. Samantha (I Am Legend)
Another dog who turned out to be the best and most memorable character. This 2007 remake wasn't up to much but when Will Smith had to put his best friend down there was not a dry eye in the house. Sleep well Samantha.

8. Gaspode (Discworld)
Gaspode is a talking dog with human intelligence who attempts to bring "Hollywood" to Discworld. As well as being an endless source of snarky remarks, he regularly uses his speech to manipulate humans when he needs food. All other dogs must be envious!

7. Barf (Spaceballs)
Barf is a mawg, a half-man half-dog, and is awesome because he is truly his own best friend.

And because of John Candy!

6. Einstein (Back to the Future)
With respect to Copernicus, Einstein is the mutt's nuts when it comes to time-traveling pooches.

5. Dug (Up)
Dug is what happens when you take a playful Golden Retriever puppy and then give it a science fiction style collar that can translates its wearers thoughts into spoken word.


4. Muffet (Battlestar Galactica)
Exclusive to the original 1978 Battlestar Galactica, Muffet is one of the most bizarre dog type creatures to appear in sci-fi. He kinda looks like an accident from Brundle Laboratories, where a dog and some kitchen utensils went through the teleport pods together.

3. Astro (The Jetsons)
Although I'd love to include Scooby Doo on this list, all his supposed sci-fi shenanigans turn out to be implemented by a very bitter butler or furious farm hand. But Astro? 100% pure sci-fi cartoon dog awesomeness. As a character he appears to be a bit dumb, but really, like all great dogs, he's a great manipulator of humans.

2. K-9 (Doctor Who)
We've seen many versions of K-9 over the years. Sarah-Jane, Leela and Romana all have one, and there's been a weird Australian revamp design. He's appeared in his own special, K-9 and Company, as well as both classic and new-Who. He can laser-blast stuff with his nose, and occasionally fly. It'll take some super-dog to beat this robotic mutt...

1. Krpto (Superman)
Although Kal-El initially believes that he is the only survivor of his doomed home planet, a surprising amount of other Krypton refugees have made it to Earth. But none of them can match the sheer awesomeness of Krypto, the dog that all other dogs must bow down to. He has just about all of Superman's abilities; flight, x-ray vision, super-hearing etc, plus it wouldn't surprise me if he even collects and deposits his own poop!

The champion of sci-fi dogs, Krypto would win Kryptonian Crufts each and every year, if they had that kind of thing of course.

Who are your favourite dogs from science fiction?

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