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This Week In DOCTOR WHO History: Feb 26th to March 4th

Adric proves to be really bad at hide and seek. See if you can spot him 'hidden' somewhere this week in Doctor Who history...

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February 26th
We start this week in Doctor Who history with part four of the First Doctor adventure The Massacre of St Bartholomew's Eve which was broadcast this day in 1966. Entitled Bell of Doom, like the other three parts to the story it is missing presumed wiped, so only the 5.8 million people tuning in were lucky enough to see it in its entirety. Moving on to 1972 and the Third Doctor began a new adventure, with The Sea Devils episode one watched by an audience of 6.4 million. Finally, forty years ago to this day a mighty 11.3 million scarf loving people tuned in to the first part of the Fourth Doctor classic The Talons of Weng-Chiang

February 27th
Barbara gets help with a really tricky jigsaw puzzle on this day in Doctor Who history. Or maybe it's episode three of The Web Planet (entitled Escape to Danger) which was broadcast February 27th 1965 and was watched by 12.5 million viewers. Two regenerations and 6 years later, the Third Doctor faced The Mind Of Evil, with episode five drawing an audience of 7.6 million. And finally for today we're off to Torchwood for A Day in the Death which was broadcast in 2008 and watched by 1.18 million viewers.

February 28th
Found him!

But before we get to the boy genius, first we're heading back to 1970 for episode 5 of Doctor Who And The Silurians which was watched by 7.5 million viewers. On to 1976 and part 5 of The Seeds Of Doom which drew an audience of 9.9 million, and finally on this day in 1981 it was nearly the end but the moment was being prepared for - part one of Logopolis, the Fourth Doctor's swansong, was watched by 7.1 million viewers.

February 29th.
2017 is not a leap year but for completion sake it's worth mentioning the only Doctor Who episode ever to receive it's premiere broadcast on February 29th. Especially since it's one from all the way back in 1964, part two of the show's first 'pure historical' adventure Marco Polo (entitled The Singing Sands). Sadly now missing in it's entirety, the 9.4 million viewers caught a treat that Saturday at 5:15pm.

March 1st
On this day in 1969, episode six of the Second Doctor adventure The Seeds Of Death had 7.7 million viewers tuning in to watch. An impressive number but small change compared to the mighty 10.5 million pairs of eyes watching the screen this day in 1975 for the second and final part of the Fourth Doctor adventure The Sontaran Experiment.

One can only imagine what's going through Peter Davison's mind in that picture above. "And I signed up for three years of this????", perhaps? Or maybe they're all just celebrating after finding Adric on top of the TARDIS further up the page. Or more likely it's because they've just read the last page of the script for Adric's next story! (spoilers!) Or perhaps it's just because 15 years after the last pure historical story (The Highlanders) Doctor Who finally returned to the genre for the Fifth Doctor 2-part adventure Black Orchid. Part one was broadcast Monday March 1st 1982 and was watched by 9.9 million viewers.

The following year the Fifth Doctor began another new adventure with part one of Enlightenment drawing an audience of 6.6 million. Then in his third and final year 7.4 million viewers joined the Doctor on a trip to Sarn (which looked remarkably like Lanzarote) for Planet of Fire.

March 2nd
On this day in 1968 8 million people were watching the Second Doctor in episode five of The Web of Fear. Six years later part two of the Third Doctor adventure Death to the Daleks was watched by a mighty 9.5 million. Then on Tuesday March 2nd 1982 the second and final part of Black Orchid saw the Adric fan club out in full force - all 10.1 million of them enjoying his penultimate adventure.

If you were tuned into BBC1 at 6.45pm on Wednesday March 2nd 1983 then you were joined by 7.2 million others, all watching part two of Enlightenment. The following year, the final part of Planet of Fire drew an audience of 7. million. One regeneration later, the Sixth Doctor prepared to bid adieu to his Second self in the third and final part of The Two Doctors, which was watched by 6.9 million viewers.

March 3rd
Just one episode for this day, and it's the second part of the 1973 Third Doctor adventure Frontier In Space which was broadcast in 1973 at 5:53pm and watched by 7.8 million viewers.

March 4th
In 1967 episode 4 of the Second Doctor adventure The Moonbase drew an audience of 8.1 million viewers. Moving on to 1972 and the second part of the Third Doctor story The Sea Devils was watched by an audience of 9.7 million. Finally for this week in Doctor Who history, on this day in 1978 part five of The Invasion Of Time was watched by 10.3 million people.

That's it for this week, but did you watch any of these adventures live? We'd love to hear your memories about any of them. Tell us in the comments below.

Until next Sunday...

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