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Spy Apps and When to Use Them

Online dating was designed to make our search for partner much more easier. Now you can easily find a partner from another country, using sites like j4l.com. Okay, finding a partner is easier, but does it make the dating much easier? Does finding a partner online make all of our fears go away? Let's be honest, when it comes to relationships, we all have the same fear. We fear that our partner may be unfaithful to us. Digital era found a perfect solution for finding out whether our suspicions are right or wrong – spy apps. So, if you want to find digital proofs that your partner is cheating on you, you can always use one of the apps on our list.

Top 3 Spy Apps

1. Spyzie
Spyzie is one of the most popular apps for spying on your cheating partner. This phone spy app gives you an instant access to all the call history of your partner. As every call log is presented in chronological order, you can analyze your partner's call history. You can check out the most popular contacts of your partner, as well as checking out the duration of every conversation. You can easily find something fishy when your partner is talking with some stranger for hours. Relatives – yes, friends – yes, strangers – hmm... strange?

2. mSpy
If call log history is not enough for you, then you can go actually tracking your partner's every move. With mSpy you can track your partner via GPS. You can even receive alerts when your partner is leaving a particular area. Just load the area where your partner said he or she is going to mSpy, and of your partner is not going from the shop home, you will get the alert. Aside from that, mSpy displays the exact location of the tracking device, and gives access to the complete history of your partner's whereabouts.

3. FlexiSPY
You can use Spuzie and mSpy separately, but why would you, if you can track your partner and get access to his or her phone via single app? You can do it with a little help from another phone spying app – FlexiSpy. FlexiSpy is a GPS spy app that allows you tracking the exact location of your supposedly cheating partner. She said that she is going to the shop? Well, you can check out if that's exactly where he or she went. FlexiSpy has other great features including taking control over your partner's phone, uploading all the files and photos from his or her phone. The app even gives you a possibility to record surrounding from your partner's proof, albeit obtaining an audio proof of him or her affair. If you want to make sure that your partner is being unfaithful to you, FlexiSpy is a must for you.

When to Use Spy Apps?

Now that you know what apps to lose, you need to find out when to use those apps. You see, there is a big difference between simple paranoia and having real reasons for suspecting your partner in being unfaithful to you. Thus, before using any of the above-mentioned apps you need to figure whether there is any rhyme or reason to your suspicions. To help you with that, we will dwell on paranoia and reason for suspecting separately.

1. Paranoia
You start dating with your partner, and you already think that he or she is cheating on you? Your suspicions are as illogical as possible? Your partner is talking with somebody on the phone or chatting with someone via a social network, and you already get hysterical? Instead of talking with your partner you start downloading the spy apps and reading their manuals? Well, congratulations, you are just paranoid. Stop, before your paranoia has ruined your relationships. And try consulting a shrink, as with paranoia like that you won't be happy in any relationship.

2. Reason for Suspecting
The behaviour of your partner has changed recently? Your partner gets late from work? Spends a lot of time alone? Talks with someone on the phone for hours? Your partner started putting passwords on his or her laptop and cellphone? Every time you are asking about those phone calls and passwords, you partner comes with the most illogical explanation? It seems that it's an appropriate time to use one of the above-mentioned spy apps.

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