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El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie - Pinkman Odds and Predictions

What could be in store for Jesse Pinkman? We explore the odds.

The big screen has a wonderful way of bringing even more awareness to great things. Just look at Bohemian Rhapsody, the Queen bio-epic. Suddenly, there are millions of people who had never heard of Queen, who now claim Freddy, Brian, Roger, and Mike as their favorite band.

We could see the same thing happen with Breaking Bad. Millions of people who missed the series will likely watch the new movie El Camino and then get turned on to Breaking Bad, suddenly realizing that it is their favorite TV show ever. And there is no reason it shouldn’t be, the Finale reached 10.3 million viewers and the series is the most awarded in history. Over its five seasons and 62 episodes, Breaking Bad was nominated for 262 awards and won a whopping 110!

Let’s take a look at the prop odds from the best online sportsbooks and see if we can’t predict what will occur in this surely epic film.

Series Spoiler Alert
If you don’t remember the finale of Breaking Bad, Walter set up a motorized machine gun on the trunk of his car to take the meth Nazis by surprise. After mowing them all down, he seemed to have taken a bullet from the same gun, and Jesse Pinkman ends up looking over Walter, content to let him die instead of finishing him off, as Walter suggests. So, this begs the question did Walter actually die as the series suggests or will he be back in El Camino? Also, will Jesse survive his manhunt and perhaps … Walter? There are also a bunch of other fun props such as whether Pollo Hermanos will be featured, if “Grey Matter” is said, and more.

Let’s start with the biggies, will Walter White appear and Jesse Pinkman die?

The odds are confident that Walter White will make an appearance. The line is currently sitting at -2000 which would indicate a 95.2 percent probability. That said, the lines are not clear as to what counts. Whether Walter has to be alive in the current timeline is not stated, so perhaps a ‘flashback’ or memory appearance counts.

Will Jesse Die? Odds show a Pinkman death at +110 and ‘no’ at -150. Now, these are not very long odds, so it could go either way. Although they lean towards ‘no,’ these numbers show a lack of confidence by the books. That said, there are a whole slew of odds on the way Pinkman will die if he does,
  • Does Not Die -150
  • Gun Shot +300
  • Knife/Axe +400
  • Blunt Force +600
  • Poison +600
  • Car Accident +700
  • Suicide +800
  • Drug Overdose +1000
  • Strangulation +1000
  • Pushed Off Building or Bridge +1200
  • Electrocution +2000
  • Crossbow +3300
  • Drowning +3300
  • Buried Alive +3300
  • Burnt Alive +3300
If I were to partake in this pool, I’d go for broke with buried alive, since it seems inline the Breaking Bad way. Also, I’d throw in overdose for good measure. Even though the odds favor Jesse to survive, the sheer number of options on his death passively suggests the opposite. Of course, if he lives, the franchise is open-ended and they can create a sequel to El Camino. But, I doubt that there is room for another installation of a Jesse story. So, I predict that he will, in fact, die before the end credits roll.

El Camino Picks: Jesse Dies +110, by way of Gunshot +300, Overdose +1000, or Buried Alive +3300.

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