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UPDATE - 75 Famous People Who Guest Starred On DOCTOR WHO (1963-1989)

Spanning 26 seasons, 154 stories and 695 episodes, the Classic era of Doctor Who featured an absurd number of guest actors starring opposite the first seven incarnations of the Doctor. Some of these guest stars were quite well known, often under heavy disguise, others have gone on to find great fame. So we've rounded up 60 66 75 famous people you will more than likely know, but might not realise you saw them in Doctor Who.

When actors have guest starred as more than one character in Classic Doctor Who we've listed them, where possible, under their first appearance. And to make it easier, we're listing all the guest stars in Doctor order...

The First Doctor

1. Peter Butterworth as The Meddling Monk
Peter Butterworth portrayed the first other Time Lord we ever met in Doctor Who (although they weren't called Time Lords at the time) in both The Time Meddler and The Daleks' Master Plan. He was, of course, more famous for his many roles in the Carry On series of films.

2. Martin Jarvis as Hilio / The Governor
The things people will do to get an equity card, eh? Martin Jarvis' career spans 6 decades, and one of his very first on-screen roles was as Hilio in the 1965 adventure The Web Planet. Doctor Who fans will likely recognise him more as The Governor in 1985's Vengeance On Varos, but he also played Butler in Invasion Of The Dinosaurs. Outside of the world of Who you may have seen Martin Jarvis on the big screen in Titanic, on the small screen in EastEnders, and in a whole host of other productions.

3. Julian Glover as Richard The Lionheart / Count Scarlioni
Yet another actor who would return to Doctor Who in a different role, as Julian Glover played Count Scarlioni in the 1979 Fourth Doctor adventure City Of Death. Fourteen years earlier he played Richard the Lionheart in the First Doctor adventure The Crusade. You may have also seen him in the James Bond film For Your Eyes Only, Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade (he had a thing for crusades) and in Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, to name but three biggies.

4. Jean Marsh as Joanna / Sara Kingdom / Morgaine
Also guest starring in The Crusade, and a total of 15 episodes of Classic Doctor Who, Jean Marsh played Joanna. She'd return later in 1965 as the very short lived companion Sara Kingdom who didn't survive The Dalek's Master Plan, and then came back in 1989 Morgaine in Battlefield. Joan Marsh also co-created and starred in Upstairs Downstairs, and had roles in Willow, The Saint, Return To Oz, Nine To Five and so many other TV shows and films.

5. Jeremy Bulloch as Tor / Hal
Above left is Jeremy Bulloch who guest starred as Tor in the First Doctor adventure The Space Museum. He'd return in 1974 during The Time Warrior as Hal. You may not recognise the face but he played Boba Fett in both The Empire Strikes Back and Return Of The Jedi.

6. Brian Cant as Kert Gantry / Chairman Tensa
Known to a generation of British school children for his many years on Play Away, Brian Cant previously guest starred on Doctor Who in the long running The Daleks' Master Plan during the episode The Nightmare Begins. He also portrayed Chairman Tensa in the Second Doctor adventure The Dominators.

7. Michael Sheard as Rhos / Dr. Summers / Laurence Scarman / Lowe / Mergrave / The Headmaster
Oh my goodness! How long have you got? Michael Sheard portrayed Mr Bronson on Grange Hill for 92 episodes, you may have also seen him as Adolf Hitler in Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade, but the first of his six guest appearances in Doctor Who came 23 years before that film was released when he played Rhos in the episode of The Ark titled The Plague. During the course of the next two decades he returned five times to play Dr. Summers in The Mind Of Evil, Laurence Scarman in Pyramids Of Mars, Lowe in The Invisible Enemy, Mergrave in Castrovalva, and the Headmaster in Remembrance Of The Daleks.

8. Michael Gough as The Celestial Toymaker / Hedin
In 1966 Michael Gough guest starred in The Celestial Toymaker, a role he would have returned to had the original Season 23 not been cancelled. He also appeared opposite the Fifth Doctor as Hedin in Arc Of Infinity. Gough may be more widely remembered for playing Alfred the Butler in the four Batman films of the 1980s/90s.

9. Carmen Silvera as Clara / Queen of Hearts / Mrs Wiggs / Ruth
In the same adventure, Carmen Silvera played a variety of characters - she's above centre. She'd also guest star opposite the Third Doctor as Ruth in Invasion Of The Dinosaurs, but you'll likely remember her better as Rene's long suffering wife Edith Artois in the long running BBC sitcom 'Allo 'Allo.

10. Kenneth Kendall as himself
Kenneth Kendall regularly presented the BBC's news bulletins throughout the 1970s, he also fronted the Channel 4 show Treasure Hunt in the 1980s, and back in 1966 he guest starred as himself during The War Machines.

11. The Beatles as themselves
Four for the price of one here as, during the height of Beatlemania, the 1965 Dalek-centric adventure, The Chase, featured footage of the Fab Four performing Ticket To Ride on the TARDIS' Time-Space Visualiser.

Second Doctor

12. Hannah Gordon as Kirsty McClaren
You may have seen her in The Elephant Man, Upstairs Downstairs and a whole variety of television plays. You also may have heard her in Watership Down and when she returned to the world of Who to voice The Ship in the 2003 animated version of Shada, but Hannah Gordon first appeared opposite the Second Doctor during his second adventure, The Highlanders, when she portrayed Kirtsy McClaren.

13. Pauline Collins as Samantha Briggs
Probably best remembered as Shirley Valentine in the 1989 film of the same name, Pauline Collins has enjoyed a long and varied career. One of her first on-screen roles came in 1967 as Samantha Briggs in the Second Doctor adventure The Faceless Ones. Almost 40 years later she'd return to Doctor Who to play Queen Victoria in Tooth And Claw.

14. Windsor Davies as Toby
Another big sitcom star, you'll no doubt remember Windsor Davies as Battery Sergeant-Major 'Shut Up' Williams in It Ain't Half Hot Mum. He also provided the voice Sergent Major Zero in Terrahawks and played Toby in the 1967 Doctor Who adventure The Evil Of The Daleks.

15. Bernard Bresslaw as Varga
Another actor known primarily for his work in multiple Carry On films, Bernard Bresslaw played Varga in the first time we ever met The Ice Warriors during the 1967 adventure of the same name.

16. Peter Sallis as Penley
Also in The Ice Warriors, and pictured above with the beard, Peter Sallis is best known for the 140 years (or therabouts) he spent starring as Clegg in the long running BBC sitcom Last Of The Summer Wine, and as the voice of Wallace in the Wallace & Gromit features.

17. Philip Madoc as Eelek / The War Lord / Solon / Fenner 
We have four guest appearances on Doctor Who for Philip Madoc, two opposite the Second Doctor and two opposite the Fourth. The first came during the 1969 adventure The Krotons when he played Eelek, Madoc would return later the same year to play the War Lord during The War Games. During the 1970s Madoc played both Solon and Fenner in The Brain Of Morbius and The Power Of Kroll respectively. You may have also seen him as David Lloyd George in The Life and Times of David Lloyd George and the lead role in the detective series A Mind to Kill. His other notible guest roles included multiple appearances in The Avengers, as well as Dad's Army.

18. David Troughton as Moor / Peladon
Patrick Troughton's oldest son David has guest starred several times on Doctor Who. His first was an uncredited appearance as a guard during The Enemy Of The World, he returned in 1969 as Moor for one episode of The War Games but then had a proper role as Peladon opposite the Third Doctor in The Curse Of Peladon. You may also remember seeing him as Professor Hobbes when he returned to Doctor Who in 2009 in the Tenth Doctor adventure Midnight. He's also had roles in Survivors, Heartbeat and the Casualty spin-offs Casualty 1906, 1907 and 1909.

The Third Doctor

19. Fulton Mackay as Doctor John Quinn
Probably best remembered for starring opposite Ronnie Barker in Porridge, Fulton Mackay also played the Captain in Fraggle Rock and in 1970 appeared as Doctor John Quinn in Doctor Who And The Silurains.

20. Geoffrey Palmer as Edward Masters / Administrator
You may well have seen Geoffrey Palmer on TV as Jimmy Anderson in The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin, Ben Parkinson in Butterflies and Lionel Hardcastle in As Time Goes By. He's also had big screen roles in A Fish Called Wanda, The Madness of King George, Mrs. Brown, and the James Bond film Tomorrow Never Dies. Before any of them, Plamer guest starred in Doctor Who And The Silurains as Edward Masters, he'd return in 1972 for episode one of The Mutants when he played the Administrator. You might remember he also played Captain Hardaker in the Tenth Doctor adventure Voyage Of The Damned.

21. Paul Darrow as Captain Sam Hawkins / Tekker
It's another guest star in Doctor Who And The Silurians and one you might know better as Avon in Blake's 7. Paul Darrown first appeared in Doctor Who back in 1970 as Captain Sam Hawkins before returning opposite the Sixth Doctor as Tekker in Timelash.

22. David Prowse as the Minotaur
That body belongs to Dave Prowse who guest starred in The Time Monster as the Minotaur. You likely saw that same body as Darth Vadar in the original Star Wars trilogy, and maybe saw and heard his west country tones when he played the Green Cross Code man.

Fourth Doctor

23. Guy Siner as Ravon
Up there with Harry and the Fourth Doctor is Guy Siner who had an early career role as Ravon during Genesis Of The Daleks. He might be best known as Lieutenant Hubert Gruber on 'Allo 'Allo but he's also had roles in Babylon 5, Star Trek: Enterprise and Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl.

24. John Challis as Scorby
It's Boycie from Only Fools And Horses! I suspect of all the many varied roles John Challis has played in his career it'll be Boycie that he's always remembered for, and I also suspect Challis is OK with that, but back in 1976 you may have seen him as Scorby in the Fourth Doctor adventure The Seeds Of Doom.

25. Deep Roy as Mr. Sin
At 4 ft 4 in tall, Deep Roy has often been cast as diminutive characters, such as the Oompa-Loompas in the 2005 version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Keenser in the 2009 reboot of Star Trek and subsequent films, and in television series such as The X-Files, but in 1977 he played Mr. Sin during The Talon's Of Weng-Chiang. Deep Roy would return to Doctor Who nine years later in an uncredited capacity when he played the Possican Delegate during The Trial Of A Time Lord.

26. David Yip as Veldan
Probably best known as The Chinese Detective in the BBC procedural drama of the same name, Davd Yip also appeared in the 2005 James Bond film A View To A Kill and in 1979 played Veldan (above right) in the Fourth Doctor adventure Destiny Of The Daleks.

27 & 28. Eleanor Bron and John Cleese as Art Gallery Visitors
During 1979's City Of Death, Eleanor Bron and John Cleese portrayed a pair of uncredited art gallery visitors. Eleanor Bron may be best known for her role as Ahme in the Beatles film Help! She also returned to Doctor Who in 1985 when she played Kara in Revelation Of The Daleks. John Cleese is John Bloody Cleese and surely you don't need reminding of any of his work, eh?

29. Geoffrey Bayldon as Organon
From Catweazel to the Crowman in Worzel Gummidge, Casino Royale to The Pink Panther Strickes Again, Geoffrey Bayldon's long career also saw him considered for the role of the First Doctor (a part he played many years later in the Big Finish Unbound series). He declined the role in 1963 but took a part as Organon in 1979 for the Fourth Doctor adventure The Creature From The Pit.

30. Janet Ellis as Teka
In the centre above in Janet Ellis, best known for presenting Blue Peter (and being the mother of Sophie Ellis-Bexter) she portrayed Teka in The Horns Of Nimon.

31. Kenneth Cope as Packard
As well as portraying Packard in the 1981 Fourth Doctor adventure Warriors' Gate, Kenneth Cope played Marty Hopkirk in Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased), Jed Stone in Coronation Street and Ray Hilton in Brookside. To name but three.

We don't like to split things up if we don't have to, and we promise that we'll never be the type of site that makes you click a new page for every single item (we hate those sites, don't you?), but this page is starting to get a bit long. So as we've reached the end of the Fourth Doctor era, before we move into the Fifth, we've added a second page to continue our round-up of famous people who have guest starred on Classic Doctor Who, and because we feel a little guilty about it you won't find any extra advertising present. Is that OK?

And if you can think of any more please let us know in the comments below and we'll keep updating the list...

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