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This Week In DOCTOR WHO History: Dec 8th To Dec Dec 14th

Five rounds rapid for another week in Doctor Who history...

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December 8th
To get us underway for another week in Doctor Who history we have the Fourth Doctor and Romana facing the Nightmare of Eden on this day in 1979. Part three drew an audience of 9.6 million viewers. And look! The Brigadier's back. He's joining in with The Sarah Jane Adventures to tackle part two of Enemy of the Bane, which was broadcast in 2008 at 4:35pm and watched by 1.26 million viewers.

December 9th
One of the surviving episodes of the Second Doctor 1967 adventure The Ice Warriors was broadcast this day. That would be part five, which was watched by 8 million viewers. Fast forward to 1978 and the Fourth Doctor was starring in the penultimate episode of The Androids of Tara, which was watched by 8.9 million viewers. It'll be a 40 year jump for our next Who episode, and that would be the finale of series eleven of Doctor Who. Titled The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos it premiered on BBC One on this day in 2018 and was watched by 6.65 million viewers.

December 10th
7.8 Million people watched episode six of Patrick Troughton's 1966 debut adventure The Power of the Daleks on this day in 1966. Eleven years later and Doctor number Four and Leela were drawing an audience of 8.9 million viewers for part three of The Sun Makers.

What's that saying about Random Shoes? They're always hanging from telephone wires, or something like that isn't it? If that's the case it hardly needs Torchwood to investigate, does it? Still 1.08 million tuned in back in 2006 so maybe there was more to it?

December 11th
More Daleks! And it's one of only three surviving episodes from the twelve part First Doctor adventure The Daleks' Master Plan which was broadcast this day in 1965. Episode 5, entitled Counter Plot was watched by 9.90 million viewers. 38 years later the fifth part of the 40th Anniversary animated web adventure Scream of the Shalka was released onto the BBC's Doctor Who website at noon on this day.

December 12th
Even more Daleks, and they're in the only episode broadcast on this day to date. It's back to 1964 for part four of The Dalek Invasion of Earth. Titled The End of Tomorrow it was watched by 11.9 million viewers.

December 13th
We have two fourth and final episodes from two Fourth Doctor stories broadcast this day. Firstly in 1975, an audience of 11.4 million tuned in to The Android Invasion, sadly less than half that were watching in 1980 when 5.4 million saw State of Decay.

December 14th
The final part of Doctor Who's first adventure aired today in 1963 to an audience of 6.4 million people - that would be An Unearthly Child episode 4, The Firemaker. Five years later and Patrick Troughton was starring in the penultimate episode of The Invasion. Episode Seven was broadcast in 1968 and watched by 7.2 million viewers.

One more classic Who story to finish up for another week, and it arrived on this day in 1988 (it was a Wednesday by the way). It's the start of a new adventure for the Seventh Doctor, with The Greatest Show in the Galaxy drawing an audience of 5 million.

Did you watch any of these adventures live? Tell us in the comments below.

Until next Sunday...

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