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Fruit Shop Slot Game Review

Despite there being oh so many elaborately themed online video slot games out there, it seems that there shall always be room for the classic fruit machine format. Fruit Shop Slot serves up some nostalgia in many ways, bringing fruit to the reels for what feels like an old school slot game, despite having all the modern enhancements that you would expect from a modern, online video slot game - play it now.

Fruit Shop Slot Summary
The fact that slot games can come in so many shapes and sizes these days, or more so, so many themes and 3D graphics, is one of our favourite things about the game type. There is so much variety in games and the gameplay itself has come an awful long way since the slot machine was a humble fruit machine in the corners of pubs, clubs, chip shops and bars.

However, in spite of all the modern technology, all the in-depth and engaging themes that you can now find out there across the online world of casinos, there will always be a special place in our heart for a slot game that involves fruit. It is the classic format after all, first introduced by Liberty Bell at the start of the 20th century, and there is always a sense of retro charm when you play a slot game that uses the old school symbols.

Fruit Shop Slot does just that, bringing your five a day and more to the reels of what is a beautifully designed online slot game. In many ways, Fruit Shop Slot crosses the borders between old fashioned slot games and the modern kind, involving the iconic symbols but also providing super smooth, very contemporary animations and a bonus round, too, typical of an online video slot game in this century rather than the previous one.

Free spins can be won and enjoyed in Fruit Shop Slot, making for an upbeat, fun and colourful slot game that many people are loving at the moment. Look out for the wild symbol in this game, too, as it will help really get the wins going.

NetEnt - Developers of Fruit Shop Slot
Developers are so important to the online slot game industry. It is they who craft such original themes and pull them off time and time again. NetEnt are certainly a developer who can provide an all action 3D slot game experience, involving deep narratives and a great level of detail. With this effort, they prove that they can also do a great job at keeping things classic, too, with this wonderfully designed online video fruit machine being one of NetEnt’s most loved offerings.

NetEnt is, without a doubt, one of the more esteemed names in slot game development. Their catalogue of titles is so extensive and covers a whole wide range of themes, too. But as mentioned, there is something admirable about going back to basics and that is what they have done with Fruit Shop Slot.

NetEnt may provide a retro feeling slot game here but the technology used is still oh so contemporary. Great graphics depict the fruit in this shop wonderfully and vivid colours illuminate whatever screen you play this title on. Better still, NetEnt’s modern approach to online slot games means that this is yet another of their popular titles to be available across all the major platforms for online gambling. This means that you can take a trip to this fruit shop and play Fruit Shop Slot across smartphone, tablet devices and desktops. This, as ever, makes for a really impressive and accessible game from NetEnt, helping to open up the fun and thrill of online slot games to a wider audience than ever before.

Playing Fruit Shop Slot
This old school slot game is very simple to play and that is something to be cherished. Players are not overloaded with features and buttons, meaning that the display of the reels is super clean and timeless looking. There is 5 reels to work with in Fruit Shop Slot, as NetEnt resist the temptation to go all the way back in time and offer just the 3 reels.

There are 15 pay lines to use to your advantage, on which you will be hoping to line up various pieces of fruit. Look out for all of the following on the reels, as cherries, plums, lemons, oranges and watermelons come into play from time to time. The simple nature of the game means that it flows really well and this adds to all the colour. No sooner has a plum left the screen as it has already been replaced by the vivid reds and greens of a watermelon.

The betting range in this game is really big, further adding to the great accessibility and welcoming nature of this enjoyable slot. Betting starts at 15p and can go all the way up to £150 per spin for those who want to be a high roller. With a jackpot of 2000, this can be a really well paying slot game if you play your cards (and your fruit) right.

Fruit Shop Slot Bonus Features and Free Spins
There is a free spins bonus in this slot game, something that we are sure everyone will be pleased to hear. It works very simply and is triggered by the landing of two cherries, or pretty much any other win. The cherries are the lowest paying fruit on the reels, but this added incentive of free spins makes them very useful indeed.

There is a wild symbol in this game as well. The wild symbol is represented by the Fruit Shop symbol and this will only appear on the middle reels - that is reels 2, 3 and 4. This will also double your wins should it be involved in any winning combo.

Verdict on Fruit Shop Slot
Fruit Shop Slot not only looks like a classic slot, it actually is one. Good, honest, simple slot game fun is easy to come by in this retro feeling spectacular.

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