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Top Careers You May Not Have Considered

If you have interests that others may consider quirky, geeky, or just unique, you may feel that finding a job will be an exercise in frustration. While others are often told to follow their passion, you may be hearing how you need to buckle down, toughen up, or otherwise plan to take a job that is not rewarding. Another misconception many people are quick to pass along is that if you are introverted, geeky, or like tech or gaming, computer programming is the ideal job choice. While this is a well-compensated field and training will give you in-demand skills, it is not the only choice available. It is also not necessarily the right choice for you. You can be interested in technology without wanting to make it a career, and programming is not for everyone.

Finding a career doing something you enjoy is important. You are not stuck in one career for the rest of your life. While many people do stick to one thing, others reinvent themselves many times throughout their working life. Even if you are not sure what you want to do with the rest of your life, taking the first step can set things in motion. College will expose you to choices you may have never considered. Whether you are just graduating high school, or are considering returning to college after spending time in the workforce, furthering your education is a great investment in your future. Financing that decision with student loans allows you to focus on your education, and you will be rewarded with higher employability and increased compensation for the remainder of your career.

Are You Interested in Humanities?
There is a stigma against people who study liberal arts and how that can make it difficult to find a job after graduation. That is an unfair generalization. While you may not have much success if you have your heart set on being the next great American author, that is not all you can do with a humanities degree. Many of the career options available for these individuals are ideally suited for folks with geeky tendencies. Attention to detail, the ability to lose yourself in your work, and satisfaction with meeting small, incremental goals as part of a bigger picture are all important traits in many careers.

Some careers you may consider include working as an archivist, curator, or librarian. An archivist is responsible for appraising and maintaining records and documents. They may also conduct research related to those documents. A curator handles collections within an institution or museum. They may oversee items of historical significance or art. They may prepare exhibits for the public, restore items that are damaged, and conduct research. A librarian works to help people, either the public or industry individuals, find information. They gather information from their library as well as outside sources. They are also responsible for maintaining the library’s collection.

Do You Like Puzzles?
While it is unlikely that you will find a job that allows you to work sudokus, there are plenty of other puzzles that always need to be solved. Working as an accountant or auditor gives you a direct line into finances. If you enjoy sorting out problems and working with numbers, these careers can be a great option. Certain specializations, such as forensic accounting, allow you to make an even deeper dive into tracking down mysteries and answering questions. If numbers are not your thing, epidemiology may prove interesting. Epidemiologists spend their time studying disease spread and other public-health issues. Epidemiology is another field where your day to day life will require you to think like a detective and happily immerse yourself in data and information while searching for clues and patterns.

Do you have a penchant for the performing arts?

Perhaps you are fascinated by this field, and are wondering if you can have a rewarding career. The good news is that you can. There are so many career paths in theater and performing arts, and you can choose what aligns with your passion, skills and interests. For instance, dancing can be the way to go if you have some killer moves up your sleeves. Alternatively, you can grace the big screens with phenomenal acting. Other career paths include videography, choreography, writing, and broadcasting. Perhaps you see yourself leading a whole production. In this case, being a director will be beneficial. You can learn from professionals like Travis Preston at CalArts to excel in this career path.

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