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Today In DOCTOR WHO History: September 24th

What is Donald Trump doing in the background there?

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September 24th
We're flipping it up in our daily round-up of all things Doctor Who related by starting with a spin-off. You see, after a special New Years Day 2007 pilot episode, The Sarah Jane Adventures got underway later that year with part one of Revenge of the Slitheen. Because everybody loved the Slitheen, right? Well 1.4 million of you did, as that's how many tuned in to BBC One at 5pm for the first part of the adventure. Part two followed over on CBBC at 5:30pm and, interestingly, saw an increase in viewers to 1.55 million.

Slitheen or not, wasn't it great to have Sarah Jane back? We miss Elisabeth Sladen.

Episodes Broadcast
And what a bumper day it is, eh? Not only did September 24th bring us a new spin-off but also three Doctor Who adventures. The first was broadcast back in 1966 and was episode 3 of the pure historical adventure The Smugglers which was watched by 4.2 million viewers. Then in 1977, the Fourth Doctor continued to put up mighty impressive numbers, with 9.9 million viewers tuning in to part 4 of Horror of Fang Rock. And on September 24th 2011 it was Closing Time for the Eleventh Doctor and Craig Owens. 6.93 million viewers got the hell out of Colchester! 

But wait! We're not done yet...

Related Programming
It's wireless time now and the fifth part of the Third Doctor radio adventure The Paradise Of Death was broadcast from 6:31pm on BBC Radio 5 Live on this day in 1993. And... oh look! (or rather, listen) It's Sarah Jane again. Sad face.

Finally for this day in Doctor Who history, if you wanted a bit more Closing Time, and why wouldn't you? (a-hem), then the Doctor Who Confidential team had you covered. Broadcast on BBC Three at 8pm on Saturday September 24th 2011, an episode titled Open All Hours went behind the scenes of the latest Eleventh Doctor adventure and featured interviews with Matt Smith and the omnipresent James Cordon.

Join us again tomorrow for another round-up of the episodes broadcast, the spin-offs, the special events, the birthday's celebrated and anything else of note that went down on this day in Doctor Who history.

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