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Best Training Montages In Movies

Many popular Hollywood movies have featured actors in training montages in a large variety of sports and action films. Whether the aim is to show their character keeping fit or to depict preparation to win a tournament or face an opponent, when these montages are done well they can really add to the movie, as well as becoming an inspiration to athletes and many fitness enthusiasts for their workout plans.

Here then are some of the best training montages to appear in movies....

Rocky – 1976
Even before his current big muscles, Silvester Stallone loved workouts. Rocky, one of his earliest films, has some of the greatest training montages of all time. As a smaller boxer, Rocky is determined to exercise hard and win his tournaments.

Over time, he gains more confidence, becomes faster and stronger, and eventually wins. Any fitness enthusiast who is determined to improve gradually should have this movie on their list to watch.

Mulan – 1998
Although this is a movie made for kids, it is equally entertaining and inspiring for everyone. The fitness montage gives hope to those who are struggling with workouts. Apart from encouragement that anyone can fulfill their desires, it also features music for training and sports.

In fact, bodybuilders who use fitness enhancement gear from to train harder should borrow a leaf out of Mulan's book. As a female fighter who joined the army, trained hard, and fought alongside men, she faced and overcame challenges. 

Team America: World Police – 2004
Humid and hot summers are always the best time to train. This movie wastes no opportunity exposing the team to the hot sun as they train for the best fitness gains. The training montage in this movie is on another level and acts as a fitness and sports motivation for many. If it is not on your list, it is time to add it. You should even consider watching it as a sports team or with your fitness buddies for group motivation.

Batman Begins – 2005
This movie is part of the Batman series, and there is a serious training montage here. Bruce Wayne, who is played by Christian Bale, is trained by a skilled master to learn all the best Batman skills to face corrupt rogues in Gotham City. Although the student and the master differ in their training approach, Bruce agrees to learn. This training is what helps him to face his enemies and give viewers some intense fight scenes. 

The Fighter – 2010
Mark Wahlberg might not have the biggest muscles in movies, but his action movies never disappoint. The Fighter has a training montage where he trains to become stronger and more capable. He has a unique training regimen consisting of punching, skipping, sprinting, and repeating the routine over and over. Overall, this is an inspiring story about a determined boxer who is eventually successful. It is a big inspiration to all fitness enthusiasts and shows how it is possible to conquer the odds.

Creed – 2015
We started the list with Rocky, and we end it with another movie from this franchise. The training montage in Creed involves running, rope workouts, punching, and a lot more. It is a big motivation for everyone who is interested in becoming consistent in a workout regimen. It does not matter whether you are a beginner, intermediary, or skilled in fitness.

Using this list of movies with some of the best fitness and sports montages, any fitness enthusiast can find some tips, motivation, and even some fitness guidance. If you have not watched them, check one out today.

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