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The Best Bet review

The Best Bet is a Singaporean satirical comedy, written and directed by Jack Neo, and released in 2004. A funny and down to earth movie which makes you think about life and money, The Best Bet revolves around Richard, Shum, and Huang. Everything is going well in their lives until after placing a $D bet one of them tries to keep the winnings to himself. This movie explores greed, and also shows us the consequences of our choices.

Director Jack Neo, became a gambling addict in 1996 and spent over $1,200 in a month on 4D bets (short for 4-Digits, a popular lottery game in Singapore). Happily, he successfully gave up the habit in 1999 with the support of his wife. But frustrated by his past he wanted to do something positive from his experience, so he decided to make a movie about his feelings. In the end, he created a captivating story that tells the facets of the modern-day pursuit of wealth.

Philosophy of the movie
Why do people start gambling? The Best Bet tells the story of human nature. We always want to win. It is a trip to our egos. People are gambling most of the time for themselves and their self-esteem and not for social or economical reasons. Yes, money is a huge motivation, but it is all about the self-satisfaction that is given to us when we win games. That is why in Singapore there are so many gamblers.

The gambling scene in Singapore is not encouraged by the government. The country is home to the best casino resorts in all Asian countries, but no matter how visitable these places are, the authorities are still against them. Residents of Singapore are taking online gambling as a great option, because of the fact that they can play games without paying extra fees daily. Singapore has set up a new plan for developing gaming, especially eSports in the region called the Singapore games association. They would like to create a sustainable games and eSports ecosystem that will encourage people more to become professional players.

The non-profit member-based communities are trying to allow members to interface with local international gaming and eSports associations. Upcoming plans include making the best online betting Singapore 2020 eSports scene in the world. Workshops will support the professional growth of the eSport players. They are also making sure that people who bet highly-skilled gamers are always having a pleasant time watching them win. There is so much innovative and creative talent happening in the gaming industry in Singapore, it’s hard to not see that.

In The Best Bet, the philosophy of the whole action is the complexity of people’s attitudes towards each other and themselves. People’s motivations for gambling have a strong dimension. The fundamental wish of those friends is the chance of winning all the money. They don’t care about the fact that they may lose each other.

Everyone has a different approach to gambling, but it is always interesting to see the gambling addict’s view of gambling in the movie. Jack Neo was an addict before he made this movie so in the movie, everyone can see his ideas and thoughts about it.

Two Sides of the coin
Gambling gives a feeling and taste of many things in life. It depends on the person what kind of life she\he would like to have. In the best bet, gambling literally made everyone’s deepest wishes on the show. Who wants to be called a gambler throughout a lifetime? Gambling comes in different forms and ways. To gamble, one must know how to take the risk. It’s true that some gamblers are playing games in order to just kill time, but most cases are having different stories. If the person knows the joy of winning money, it’s hard for them to think about family or friends. Especially friends. There are no friends in gambling. Gamblers don’t trust each other. Most gamblers believe in fate when there is none. Only one in a million wins and somehow people are thinking that they will be the one who does that. In the movie, these friends are almost becoming enemies when there is a chance of winning the money. It is painful how money and gambling can change a person. But life is harsh and gambling is harsher. It is never good to lose your friends because of the chance of winning the money. Trust and relationships are vital aspects of our life.

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