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10 Best Books All Gamblers Should Read Today

Being a gambler is more than just placing bets. It is also about learning and improving your skills. The best way to do that is to use specific books that have been an amazing guide and inspiration for some of the best gamblers of all time. Below you can see the top 10 books written for this specific purpose and highly recommended by professional gamblers. 


Gambling 102: The Best Strategies for All Casino Games
The book here is a guide to casino players who already have experience. It was written in 2005 by Michael Shackleford and it explores the games available at casinos and also the best strategy for each one. The book is available in eBook form and targets professional or intermediate gamblers. The goal is to develop the best strategies for all casino games and use them to make a profit. 

Scarne's Guide to Modern Poker
This book was written by John Scarne back in 1979. Although it is old, it is not obsolete. The idea here is to instruct and teach gamblers about draw poker. However, there are details and links to all other poker variations known to man. The best part of this book is the ability to ‘’scan’’ and read the opponents at the poker table. This is essential for all professional poker players and those who want to become one. 


Beat the Dealer: A Winning Strategy for the Game of Twenty-One
This book is all about Blackjack and card counting. It was written by Edward O. Thorpe in 1966 and it changed the game completely. The book does require from you to have impressive Blackjack knowledge and a desire to learn, or better said master the game completely. Edward O. Thorpe had a Ph.D. he got in 1958 in mathematics, so you can see that the book is written by a person more than just suitable in this field.

Once you master the game, you will be able to find the best place to play it. This is extremely difficult today due to so many reasons. Luckily, you can now check free game casino reviews (無料ゲームカジノ) and find the best one within minutes. You can see countless reviews of the best casinos that offer free games with a review and make your decision within minutes. 


Professional Blackjack
As the name suggests, this is a book about Blackjack, one of the most popular games in the world. As some other gambling books, this one is focused on strategies and analyzing the game. The author is Stanford Wong who published the book back in 1975 and it uses card counting, as you may have known already. A good thing is that there are over 150 tables analyzed in the book. On the other hand, you need experience in order to understand the book.

Forever Craps
There is no need to tell you that the book here is all about craps. The book teaches you how to use Five Count, to understand the game and boost your odds of winning. It was written by Frank Scoblete back in 2004 and it isn’t available in eBook form. The book is suitable for beginners, intermediate gamblers, and also professionals, although beginners will probably enjoy it the most. 


Busting Vegas
Here is a bit different book that is more ideal as a movie than for learning tips and strategies about the casinos and games. Nevertheless, the book is very interesting and can give you some ideas you can use for your gambling afterward. It was written by Ben Mezrich in 2005 and it is available as an eBook. 


Winning Blackjack for The Serious Player
In this book, you can learn all about Blackjack. It starts simple, suitable for beginners, and then teaches you all, more advanced strategies and tips. In other words, it can transform a beginner into a professional Blackjack player and it is something most gamblers have been reading at some point. The book was written by Edwin Silberstang in 1993. It is available as an eBook as well. 


Slots Conquest: How to Beat the Slot Machines
The book we have here was written by Frank Scoblete in 2010 and it is available in conventional and eBook forms. In the book, you can find details about slot machines, how they work, and also various other strategies you can use these days. The book also tells you which slot machines you need to avoid and why. If you are planning to visit Las Vegas and to play slots, this is a book you must read. 

Winning Casino Craps
This is another book focused completely on Craps. The author is Edwin Silberstang and he wrote the book in 1979 but there is a new edition available since 2010. The book is focused on learning the rules in the game, using smart strategies and so much more. In general, it is an ideal choice for beginners who want to make some profit playing craps.  

Winning Casino Blackjack for The Non-Counter
Here we have an interesting book that does deserve your time. The author behind the book is Avery Cardoza and he wrote this masterpiece in 1981 (a new edition has been available since 2010). In the book, he explores and provides details on why card counting is not the only strategy and that players have other options available all the time.  

These are the best books you, as a gambler, should read starting today. World series of poker players have read them and all professional players as well. A generic goal of each book is to learn how to beat the dealer, how to make a profit, and more importantly how to master a specific game and play it like a pro. In other words, these are books written by gamblers for gamblers.

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