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Whatever Happened To The Doctor Who Companions: Vicki, Steven & Katarina

Stepping out of the TARDIS and into the annals of television history, the companions of the First Doctor in the iconic BBC series "Doctor Who" have left an indelible mark on the small screen. The characters Vicki, Steven, and Katarina, portrayed by Maureen O'Brien, Peter Purves, and Adrienne Hill respectively, brought life to these characters, each accompanying the enigmatic Doctor on his journeys through time and space. But where did the paths of these actors lead after they left the swirling vortex of the TARDIS? This article seeks to explore their careers in television and film following their time on "Doctor Who."

Maureen O'Brien (Vicki)

Maureen O'Brien, who brought to life the intelligent and effervescent Vicki, transitioned from her science fiction role into a more diverse array of parts. She made numerous television appearances in the years following "Doctor Who", gracing the small screen in series such as "The Duchess of Duke Street", "Z-Cars", and "Casualty". O'Brien showcased her talents in an assortment of genres, from drama to crime to period pieces. In later years, she further diversified her portfolio by becoming a prolific author. Her mystery novels, like the series featuring the detective Nicola Connolly, have received critical acclaim. O'Brien's multi-faceted career highlights her extensive talents, proving she is much more than just a time-traveling teenager.

Peter Purves (Steven Taylor)

Peter Purves, who played Steven Taylor, a character defined by his valor and integrity, had a rich career in television following his departure from the TARDIS. He found a particularly rewarding niche in children's television, becoming a staple on the iconic children's program "Blue Peter." His tenure on this show lasted over a decade, shaping a generation of young minds and making Purves a household name. He also hosted "Kick Start," a motorcycle trial show, demonstrating his wide-ranging abilities as a presenter. Even within the realm of "Doctor Who," Purves remained active, narrating numerous audiobooks and participating in anniversary specials. His legacy in British television, especially within children's programming, is inextricably linked to his nurturing presence and engaging demeanor.

Adrienne Hill (Katarina)

Adrienne Hill's time on "Doctor Who" was relatively short-lived, with her character Katarina, a handmaiden from ancient Troy, meeting a tragic end. Despite her brief stint, Hill's portrayal of the innocent yet brave Katarina left a lasting impression. After "Doctor Who", Hill worked extensively in theater, performing in various productions throughout the UK. Her television appearances after her time in the TARDIS were sporadic, with guest roles in shows such as "Dixon of Dock Green" and "Z-Cars". Hill took a hiatus from acting for a period, working as a teacher, but she returned to the screen and stage in the 1990s, demonstrating a resilience and versatility reflective of her character on "Doctor Who". She reprised her role as Katarina for the "Doctor Who" audio drama "Frostfire," cementing her place in the franchise's history.

The post-TARDIS careers of Maureen O'Brien, Peter Purves, and Adrienne Hill are as diverse as the temporal and spatial travels of their "Doctor Who" characters. From O'Brien's writing pursuits, to Purves' contributions to children's television, to Hill's persistent commitment to her craft, each actor has found a way to continue to entertain and inspire audiences long after they stepped off the Doctor's spaceship.

In an industry often characterized by fleeting fame, it's a testament to these actors' skills and adaptability that they have been able to build enduring careers. The legacies of O'Brien, Purves, and Hill extend far beyond their time on "Doctor Who", but it's undeniable that the unique adventures they embarked upon with the First Doctor set them on their individual paths. Their journeys serve as a reminder that though the companions may leave the TARDIS, the TARDIS never quite leaves the companions.

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