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From Board Games to Slots, Here Are the Best Irish-Themed Entertainments

For the geeks among us, nothing compares to a good story. When we play games, what we want most is to be transported: to another time, another place, even another world entirely. We’re obsessed with the immersive and engaging; with flights of fancy that add an element of unmitigated excitement to the everyday and ordinary.

A good theme always appeals, and we’re drawn to some more than others. For different individuals, for example, certain countries might hold a particular sway - their cultures, history, or ways. For lovers of fantasy (which is every geek worth their salt), Ireland often holds an especial appeal.

A land steeped in myth and legend, it has many wonderful stories to tell. Here are four games that celebrate them, from slots to video offerings to board games.

Rainbow Riches
With a cast of characters headed by a leprechaun, Rainbow Riches centers around the fantastical myths that hail from Ireland. Coming with an attractive return to player – you can find an explanation of RTP meaning here for those who aren’t familiar with slots – it offers excitement, opportunity, and a fabulous Irish-themed aesthetic. Fun and fantastical, the game is a great option for those who want to be transported to Ireland’s green and verdant hills. Those who are fortunate will find the luck of the Irish on their side, and with a 95 payout percentage, there’s a reasonable chance you’ll be among them.

A good board game can transport you as surely as any TV show or movie, and Celtica is a perfect case in point. Based on an old Irish legend, it casts players in the part of adventurers, whose quest is to recover 11 amulets that were once owned by brave and glorious warriors. Reputed to bring their owners and their families great wealth and respect, the Vikings destroyed these when they invaded the beleaguered land centuries later. Now in pieces and scattered to the winds, it’s your job to reunite them. It’s exciting, immersive, and draws heavily on Ireland’s history and folklore.

If video games are more up your street, then take a look through the archives and retrieve this gem from 2007. Now almost 15 years old, Folklore still stands up to scrutiny, especially among those with a soft spot for Irish-themed games. It follows two main characters, Ellen and Keats, who leave their quaint Irish village to journey deep into the Netherworld. Bringing together high-quality Japanese visuals with Irish myth and legend, this is a fantastical tale steeped in mystery. It’s sure to keep players engaged from start to finish.

If you like action, adventure, and history rolled into one, then Inis is another game you need to check out. A two-to-four-player board game, it's set in Ireland during the age of heroes and features a series of fascinating protagonists. The aim is to become the country’s first High King, and along the way, you’ll be helped toward your goal by a slew of enchanted objects. Immersive, atmospheric, and featuring a beautiful Irish-themed aesthetic, this is a game you can never grow bored of.

From slots to board games to video offerings, Ireland and its legends have found their way into every conceivable type of gaming. Why not take a look at one of these options?

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