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10 Best Gambling Movies to Watch in 2021

Want to watch a thrilling, romantic, or action-packed movie? Then watch gambling movies. Gambling movies are exciting and adrenaline-filled. Gambling movies show different characters, ranging from shady criminal elements to the number-crunching genius nerdy type professors, suitable for a wide range of viewers. The film depicts different strategies for different types of games, such as those found at modern-day digital gambling.

Gambling movies are the real deal when you want to learn about gambling and winning. The movies have different themes, with the best of them depicting the best strategies to get ahead at casino games. They even show different approaches that can be employed from the comfort of your home.

Top 10 Best Informative Casino Films

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
The movie is themed around journalist Hunter Thompson (Johnny Depp) and his friend, a lawyer who goes on a road trip from LA to Vegas. Hunter, a sportswriter, decides that it would be great to cover a Vegas sports event. This movie presents Vegas as a glittering place but also a dark, deranged, and dangerous location. The casino scenes depicted are filled with fun.

Rain Man
Starring Tom Cruise, who plays the role of a shrewd spoilt businessman Charlie Babbit. In the movie he meets his older brother, autistic Raymond (Dustin Hoffman). Charlie convinces his brother to go to Las Vegas, hoping to use his math brain to win Blackjack games. The movie depicts how Charlie, with his high IQ, tries to exploit the casino but is eventually caught.

The movie Casino is a classic that made Vegas famous. Starring is Robert De Niro, who plays Sam Rothstein, a former criminal who is now a casino manager in Vegas. Nicky, a mafia boss, visits him to seek his help. Nicky and his friend Ginger don’t play by the rules, leading to their downfall, as they cross paths with the FBI.

Casino Jack
Jack Abramoff, a Republican who defrauded Indian tribes out of millions to lobby for their casinos, was involved in corrupt deals that led to his conviction and some white house staff for fraud, tax evasion, and gifts exchange for political favors. Abramoff wore two faces - that of a good man, which endeared him to the public, and a corrupt man.

Ocean’s Eleven
Danny Ocean stars as a professional criminal thief who co-opts a team of talented con-artists to rob 150-million-dollars from three of the biggest casinos in Las Vegas – the Mirage, the Bellagio, and MGM Grand, which are owned by his rival Terry Benedict. The crime angle thickens the plot and creates suspense, and is a must to watch for anyone who likes casino games.

Based on the MIT Blackjack Team's true story, which used their math skills to win big in Las Vegas Casinos for nearly a decade, 21 turns an intriguing math and business story into a heist Starring Ben Campbell (Jim Sturgess). It's an exciting look at the science behind gambling. The best part is when Ben crosses paths with casino enforcer Cole Williams (Laurence Fishburne).

In this film, a law student, Mike (Matt Damon), discovers that he has a hidden talent for Poker. Mike loses all his money in a Poker game against a Russian, Teddy. Mike decides to go back to college but not for long. He returns to gambling to help his best friend Lester, released from prison with a debt to pay.

The Cincinnati Kid
This American film tells of Eric Stoner (The Kid), who seeks to be the best-known player. It leads him to take on an experienced player, Lancey Howard (The man). At the game, one of his friends suggests he cheats to beat Howard. Eric is so confident that he refuses. Eric wins several pots from Howard at first, but in the end, Eric loses to Howard.

The Gambler
The film stars an English literature teacher Mark Wahlberg a gambling addict. The exciting twist happens when he loses a Blackjack game against some criminals, and he ends up owing them $240,000. Mark’s life is in danger, and he tries to look for a way out to pay his debt. It is a must-watch if you are a Blackjack fan.

This movie delves into the life of casinos from a professional perspective. Jack Manfred (Clive Owen), a struggling writer, decides to become a croupier for a big casino. The experiences he gathers from the casino helps him find the inspiration for his novel and his view of the world, which he sees as a game of chance.

Gambling movies are a must-watch if you want to learn about gambling and winning and the strategies involved. The movies are thrilling and action-packed and very engaging to the audience. Gambling movies have different themes depicting methods used in casino games. Want some thrill and action? You can find that at https://www.platincasino.co.uk/live-games from the full comfort of your home.

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