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8 Reasons Tablet Gambling Isn't As Popular As Smartphone Gambling

Gambling is an activity that has been in existence for a very long time, most people even say that gambling is as old as man. Many people engage in gambling as a form of making money while some engage in it as a form of leisure and entertainment, however gambling is an activity that brings people together.

The advancement of technology in recent years has positively contributed to the development of all areas of human life. From the comfort of our homes or the space in our offices, we can now gamble for real money through online apps and platforms. Most of these apps and platforms are designed with high graphic content and good sound effects that provide thrill and excitement to the gambler. Furthermore, most gambling companies like King Billy casino offer free games and bonuses to novices to encourage them. However, most gamblers tend to prefer smartphone gambling over tablet gambling because of various reasons and this article will provide you with some reasons tablet gambling is not as popular as smartphone gambling.

Inability to gamble on the go
One reason tablet gambling isn’t as popular as smartphone gambling is because it does not provide gamblers with the ability to gamble on the go. This limitation of tablets is as a result of the large size of tablets, so most people do not carry tablets around unlike smartphones that can easily fit into pockets of clothes. Due to this factor, most gamblers tend to purchase smartphone devices as their gambling device so that whether they are in the park, walking down a street, in a bus or even in a large crowd, they can always gamble on the go.

Tablets sales are reducing
Another reason tablet gambling is not as popular as smartphone gambling is due to the fact that the sales of tablets are gradually decreasing. In 2014, the sales of tablets increased drastically but in the last two years, the sales of smartphones have overshadowed tablet sales in such a way that tech companies are predicting that the number of smartphones on the planet will double by 2025. People are no longer purchasing tablets, that is why most tech companies now offer tablets at incredibly low prices or as freebies when an expensive smartphone is purchased.

Most gambling apps works better in smartphones
Gambling apps are normally designed by some software provider companies and most of these companies tend to provide versions of apps that are better suited to smartphones. When a gambler ends up using a tablet to run some of these apps, the graphic quality of the app ends up reducing and sometimes the game drags slowly as a result of this. For this reason, most gamblers lean towards smartphone gambling to get the best versions of the game thus increasing the popularity of smartphone gambling over tablet gambling.

Tablets now have a new rival for screen size
In past years, most people naturally flocked towards tablets because they normally provide bigger screen sizes for games and videos. However, in recent years most tech companies that provide mobile devices are now producing smartphones that have large screen sizes that rivals the screen sizes of tablets. So, whether through online casinos like canadian online casino or sports betting apps, most gamblers now gamble using smartphones.

Smartphones are easy to carry about
For newbies that are just learning how to gamble for the first time, it is very important for you to have your mobile device by your side. For instance, to make money off casino games you must lower the house edge in your favor by playing the game with the right strategy. The only way to get the right strategy is by playing the game consistently so you can master the game very well. Since tablets are difficult to carry about, most novices prefer smartphones over tablets increasing the popularity of smartphone gambling over tablet gambling.

Smartphones can multitask
Most smartphones are built with special multitasking capabilities that draw people closer to them. For instance, with most tablets it is very difficult for you to listen to music, gamble for money and at the same time keep your entire social media accounts logon. However, smartphones allow a user to perform all of these tasks and many more at the same time, increasing its popularity.

Smartphones are more comfortable for gambling
Sometimes, the urge to gamble can come when you are working with your laptop in an office or when you are seeing a movie in the house and using a tablet at the same time to gamble can be very uncomfortable. However, since smartphones are smaller, most gamblers can gamble with one hand and at the same thing continue their day’s activities with the other hand. Hence, the comfort offered by smartphone draws most gamblers towards smartphone gambling.

Smartphones have larger storage memory
Most online gambling companies like King Billy casino offer apps that have high graphic contents and effects and for these apps to work well, they need a phone with a large RAM memory which is not offered by most tablets. Hence, most gamblers tend to prefer gambling with smartphones over gambling with tablets.

In conclusion, tablet gambling isn’t as popular as smartphone gambling for many reasons and if you are still having doubts about this, this article will provide you with enough reasons to clear your doubts. Meanwhile, you can visit King Billy casino to enjoy the best versions of casino games.

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