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Everything You Need to Know About Baccarat – The Game of James Bond

(Via Captain Darrow, GoldenEye - Casino Scene | Baccarat)

Baccarat is among the most popular card game in the world. Whether it is an online casino or a land-based casino, every provider provides this gambling game. Many users find it a bit complicated, but this two-hand card game comes with simple rules and easy gameplay. Players have to play this game against the house (casino) represented by the dealer. In this comparison game, players have no control over the outcome of the hands. Here, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about Baccarat, that is popularity known as game of James Bond among movies or 007 fans.

History of Baccarat
The origin-country of this card game is not known as many European nations argue about it. However, it is said that Italy or France could be the countries where baccarat was originated. In France, it was already popular before the legalization of gambling in 1907 among the rich people. According to various sources, it has been said that Baccarat Banque was the initial form of the game played by three players in France and Italy.

Several countries have also shown a similar game type in their history. Spain has a game named Punto Banco, where the modern baccarat is still referred to as Punto Banco Baccarat. In France, Chemin De Fer developed as a two-player game later. However, Punto Banco has a great influence on the modern Baccarat game that we play at today’s casinos.

Modern Popularity of Baccarat and Where to Play 
(Baccarat, player wins!)

Baccarat has received huge popularity and wide acceptance among the players in the present gambling culture. The roots of this game might have a connection with European countries but it is more popular in Asian countries and US casinos. Most casinos in these regions offer special tables for baccarat. Not only at land-based casinos, but baccarat has also earned new fame at online gambling platforms. Online baccarat, at reliable online casinos, allows players to play with a limited budget. The game was considered for high rollers in the past.

The increasing popularity of online casinos has helped baccarat to reach every player, who was unable to access this game at brick-and-mortar casinos. In the past, players needed to spend at least $100 on one hand or a table to play this card game. Online Baccarat solved this problem as online players can find a table from $10 to $30 very easily and enjoy this great game.

There are certain casinos that also offer live casino Baccarat. This means that players can experience the game with a real dealer and a land-based casino sensation from home. We have reviewed some online live casinos in the UK market and the one we like the most is 888. They make you feel like you’re on the casino floor and players can get a variety of different looks for the game as it progresses with close-ups of the cards and thus providing the players with fantastic live baccarat experience.

How to Play Baccarat
As we said earlier that many players find this game very complicated, but it is indeed simple and easy. There is only one decision to make as to what outcome players want to place a bet on. The objective of the game is clear. There are three ways to place bets i.e., place a bet on a player’s hand, bet on a dealer’s hand, or to be on a tie. These bets should be placed before cards are dealt.

Once the bets are placed, the banker/dealer distributes cards. The aim is to receive a hand closest to 9 points. There is a maximum of three cards in the game and points are added to determine the result. Here, cards are calculated -10 value. For instance, if a player’s hand totals 14 then, it is 4. If the outcome of the game is according to the three scenarios mentioned above, the winner is decided, or else the third card is dealt. If you win, you can collect the profit and bet on the next hand.

Thus, the game is simple. You can play free baccarat online as many online casinos offer free demo games. Once you have been familiar with the game, you can play the game with real money.

Strategies to Play Baccarat
Baccarat purely depends on luck and that is why using the word ‘strategies’ is a little inappropriate here. Instead, we can use the term 'betting system.' In this game, the outcome of the hand is random and any strategy cannot interfere with the result of the game. Therefore, you should be extremely careful with the numerous strategies that are widely used on the Internet. However, certain things can help in making decisions properly.
  • Players can use a flat betting system. It can help in making a high profit in the long run. Here, you don’t have to increase your betting amount. This is why you can play according to your bankroll. In the long run, you may face more losses but it can help to curb high losses.
  • A betting system called the Martingale system can help, but it requires a big bankroll. Here, players have to increase the betting amount after they have faced a loss. According to this theory, you will win at some point. And, once you have won, you have to start from the lower bets and increase gradually after losses.
  • This betting system is the opposite of the previous system. Here, you have to increase the betting amount only after a win. Here, the risk of losses is quite lower compared to other theories and doesn’t require a large bankroll.
  • Another great tip to follow is to choose the game that has less than eight decks in the gameplay. The lesser the decks, the more the chances of winning.

Essential Baccarat Tips for the Players 

(There are some tips that can help the players whether they online or offline)

This card game should be played to get maximum fun and entertainment. However, responsible gambling is essential while playing baccarat. Here are some significant tips to keep in mind.,
  • The prime concentration should always be on having fun. If you experience negative feelings while playing, you should stop immediately. There are many more important things in life than just gambling.
  • This game is really fun if you have mastered the rules properly and understand the game from the ground up. You can try free demo games at online casinos.
  • If you've faced some great losses, don't throw in the towel. Also, don't get into it either and try to make up for the loss. It's smart to set a budget for a gaming session and not go over it. This also applies to profits. It is better to stop when you have reached the desired amount instead of losing everything again.
  • To maximize the fun, it is important to try different kinds of baccarat. Whether you play online or offline, check if the casino has various baccarat variants.

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