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Best Horse Racing Games of All Time

Horse racing is probably one of the oldest sports. It dates back to Ancient Roman times and somehow still manages to maintain its popularity today. This is a billion-dollar industry and the competition is getting tougher and tougher.

The best thing about horse racing is the unpredictability of the races that bring out the excitement. Since the races are unpredictable, there is a high reward for horse race betting.

That’s why so many people cannot wait for huge races like the Kentucky Derby. You can check out Kentucky Derby contenders on

With that said, horse racing doesn’t get enough love when it comes to video games. Even though we are talking about a sport that is the 4th most popular when it comes to sports betting, we still haven’t seen many games.

However, we gathered a list of the best horse racing of all time that fans will definitely enjoy.
Gallop Racer
First released back in 1996, Gallop Racer was one of the first well-designed games that wanted to bring the sport closer to fans. This wasn’t the first horse racing game, but definitely, the one that made a big leap toward modern gaming.

Amonbg the updated releases that followed, Gallop 2004 was a jockey-centric game that enables you to play as a jockey who rode for owners rather than being a jockey and at the same time an owner and breeder.

Gallop 2006 updated the jockey’s role which allows you to fully experience horse racing and every process behind the sport.

Starters Orders 6
This is a smaller game than Gallop Racer but still promises a ton of entertainment with their incredibly detailed horse racing visuals for that time. Starters Orders 6 is a PC and Mac-only game with in-depth analysis, analyzing past performances, and covering worldwide events like the Kentucky Derby.

The best thing about Starters Orders 6 is its VR headset support that will allow you to fully enjoy the sport.
G1 Jockey 4
Back in the days of PlayStation 2, this was one of the most popular horse racing games in the world. This is a niche-focused game and includes a novel controller attachment that will help you create an even more realistic racing experience.

This is a strange bit of plastic that fixes both analog sticks of the Dual Shock 2 controller, and it is necessary to play the game. The G1 Jockey 4 takes a rather different approach than most other horse racing games.

This game is more about making the right decisions while on the track, rather than analyzing previous stats before the race.

Controls are fairly simple, yet so tricky to master which means winning races isn’t easy.

Melbourne Cup Challenge
This game was released back in 2006 and had huge potential to bring horse racing gaming to the next level. Melbourne Cup Challenge is a rather complicated game that features different modes such as Jockey Mode, Betting Party, Season Mode, and Simulation mode.

The game allows you to enjoy every element of horse racing by playing as the jockey, being the owner and punter.

In the season mode, you can own and breed horses. Your job is to improve their stats until they are ready to enter multiple racing seasons and win major races such as the Emirates Melbourne Cup.

On top of that, the game has quick play multiplayer arcade horse racing and betting party modes for all the people who want the thrill of the sport without any strategy.

The gameplay is incredibly realistic and the game features high-quality graphics.

Final Words
For most people, horse racing is considered gambling with little attention to the skill of the jockey or the process behind horse breeding.

However, there is so much behind the sport that games like these can be your gateway to that world just so you can understand it better.

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