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Gambling on VALORANT: Key markets and important data

VALORANT was probably the most eagerly expected game of 2020 and it instantly proved that the whole hype was not created without good reasons. Riot Games made sure to deliver a high-quality product with some serious development potential.

Now the year is 2021 and we can already bring initial conclusions and discuss VALORANT’s key markets and important data. Just in case you are new to the game, we will also explain the basics of VALORANT. Let’s take a look!

Serious gamers have been waiting for VALORANT to go live for months, but less experienced players are still not familiar with the platform. It’s a first-person shooter game that confronts two give-member teams across multiple rounds.

One team is supposed to detonate the spike, while the other one is trying to defend. We bet you can notice that the game plan sounds very similar to other popular titles in the niche, including the likes of CSGO, Apex Legends, or Overwatch.

Now, the thing with VALORANT is that it makes a fine addition to the betting niche.

You can compare it with online slots and their impact on digital casinos. Just like gamblers can enjoy the privilege of free spins on bank card registration for UK players, VALORANT fans can join the party by betting on one of the game’s many goals and objectives. The game is suitable for new customers thanks to numerous bonuses provided and deals available, so the overall market shows incredible potential.

How are bookies going to react to the latest release by Riot Games? Keep reading to learn more about it!
Essential Markets
Similar to other first-person shooter online games, VALORANT is also suitable for three main markets: map and match winners and map handicaps. Each of these options is ideal for live betting since players can place wagers while having a general overview of the game.

On the other hand, choosing a round winner doesn’t seem like a reasonable solution because the actual round lasts up to two minutes. It’s not nearly enough to place a reasonable bet based on logical assumptions and analyses. The only thing that looks logical here is to bet on the next round’s winner while the initial round is ongoing.

There are a few factors that can make a substantial impact on VALORANT betting:
  1. Team skills: Online gaming is a matter of skills and you will have a greater chance of winning if you understand each team’s pros and disadvantages.
  2. The current round: How are both teams doing during the current round? It’s a big question that you should answer clearly in order to make reasonable predictions for the next round.
  3. Map standings: What’s the situation with a given map and the corresponding standings?
  4. Map design: Some maps prefer defenders, while others benefit attackers. If you recognize this, VALORANT will be a much easier game to bet on.
VALORANT Side Markets
First-person shooter games are incredibly exciting in terms of betting side markets due to the sheer versatility of the games. VALORANT only proves this point because bookies can offer a variety of additions.

For instance, it is possible to go for the first kill or place wagers on spike plant or defuse. There is also the “ace” award that goes to the player who happens to kill the entire squad of opponents all by himself.

VALORANT makes it even more interesting by adding the “team ace” feature. Namely, you can bet that each player in one team is going to kill one opponent from the second team. Bookies can play with this function by offering over/under bets.

We need to mention that VALORANT is still in the early stages of development, which means that Riot Games is going to change the game and add even more functions, features, and details to enrich the overall experience. In other words, the game itself is becoming better and so is the bookies’ ability to create a more comprehensive betting offer to all the VALORANT fans worldwide.
The Bottom Line
Riot Games is a company known for creating powerful first-person shooter missions and they proved it once again by developing VALORANT. The latest release has already impressed millions of players worldwide, but it is still developing and has the potential to go multiple directions from where it is at the moment. The only thing we can tell for sure is that VALORANT is becoming a big deal quickly because Riot Games keeps adding new features and announcing tournaments.

Leslie Alexander is a casino master and a content creator at the Gamblizard team. She loves gambling and writing about casino games, including poker, roulette, and online slots. Besides working, Leslie enjoys traveling and long-distance running.

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