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Things We Know So Far About the Upcoming Nintendo Switch 2

The original Nintendo Switch came out four years ago and has been a massive hit. The console has sold nearly 80 million copies to date, which means that it has surpassed its most successful predecessor, the 3DS.

The time has come for a change, and over the past year we’ve seen countless assumptions that Nintendo is working on a new console to replace the Nintendo Switch.

There are strong speculations that the company is working on a new, high-tech console to add to their collection.

Rumors suggest that the console will be called Nintendo Switch 2 or Switch Pro, and there are strong suggestions that we will see a release date this year.

Release Date
As we mentioned before, there were many rumors over the past year about the new Nintendo console, coming from respected sources like the Wall Street Journal.

They claim they have spoken to “parts suppliers and software developers” last year that were directly connected to the new Nintendo project, and said the new more advanced console will be coming in early 2020, but we still haven’t seen such a thing.

At first, Nintendo wanted to tweak their original model and update the console to today’s tech standards, but in the end, they ended up replacing their first-generation model.

So, there isn’t an official release date for the new console, but rumors suggest that the Switch Pro/Switch 2 will be part of Nintendo’s plans for this year.

Specs and Design
Since Nintendo released their original console in March 2017, they've updated their portfolio with the Switch Lite which was a designed only for portable use. In fact, the Switch Lite is almost an identical console to the original just with fewer features.

On the other hand, the Switch 2 will get more love. According to the Japanese site Gamepedia, the new console has some impressive specs.

There will be 8GB RAM, which is double their original model, and the onboard storage will be pumped up to 128GB, which is a significant increase compared to the 32GB on the first-gen model.

When it comes to the processor, Rumors suggest that Nintendo will stick with the same (only upgraded) Tegra X1+ processor that is found in the Switch Lite.

The biggest upgrade with the new Switch is the screen. According to early rumors, we won’t be seeing a 4K display on the new console, but instead they will add a full HD 1080p, which is still an upgrade over the 720p on the current Switch.

But, it seems like they are changing their decision because a few weeks ago, there were rumors that say that Nintendo ditched the 1080p idea for the screen and they will be upscaling to OLED 4K display, which will be incredible.

According to reliable sources like Bloomberg, Nintendo asked game developers to start focusing and building 4K versions of Switch games in preparation for the next-gen console.

On top of that, the new Switch will come with a more advanced chipset to handle the graphics and highly improved battery life and cooling.

Gaming Capability

All new games will be playable on every console that Nintendo launched, apart from the Switch Lite which has some restrictions when it comes to motion-controlled games due to the lack of detachable Joy-Cons.

Another interesting thing is that the new Switch 2 will have backward compatibility which is always great because you’ll still be able to compete with the best teams in the NBA betting odds on the NBA 2K21 that you purchased last year. Learn more NBA rumors here.

Final Words
At this point, we are at a rough sea with tons of information and everybody is suggesting a different release date. Until now, we still haven’t heard an official announcement, but we strongly believe that the new Switch 2 console will be coming within the year.

So, if you are planning on getting a new Switch, it would probably be a better idea if you wait just a bit longer and get the new upgraded version of the console.

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