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College Life Movies You Should Watch

Are you nostalgic about your college years? Or perhaps dreaming about university life? These movies will prepare you for the college atmosphere - or remind you of the best parts of it.
Everyone has a period when we either take up textbooks or are nostalgic for the university years. You may be preparing for college and want to picture yourself as the hero of these films. Perhaps the coursework amount in college overwhelmed you, and you delegated it to the write my essays service. And now you want to relax while watching a movie - in any case, a thematic movie will come in handy.

Here is the list of the best movies about student life. Both in its riotous form and in its serious: from frenzied parties to the first experiences of political debate.

Party College Life Movies
A little party never killed nobody - this saying is very popular in student life. College movies reflect this lifestyle in their plots in different ways.

National Lampoon’s Animal House, 1978
Before all the films with student parties that you mentally listed to yourself when you saw the title, there was a pioneer in its genre. "National Lampoon" is not a studio or a director's name. It's the name of a revolutionary American humor magazine that was on the rise in the 70s. Back in the days its mention was a guarantee of quality.

It's not surprising that a movie about two rival fraternities hit an incredible box office, unlike its tiny budget. Director John Landis permanently took his place in the history of comedy. This movie, in fact, came up with the whole structure of films about parties for life and death. And of course a cliché of inducing humor. Simply put, this is a dream come true of an epic fun life in college, which, by the way, does not have to ruin a person's future.

Van Wilder, 2001
The most popular university student Van Wilder has been studying for seven years. He is constantly repeating the year. He lives a busy student life. It means organizing parties, lecturing freshmen, giving inspirational speeches to the basketball team. And then his father comes and decides to stop the unsuccessful financial investment - that is, to pay for the education of the slacker. So Van has to work hard to find the money for the semester. Van is the type of person who would totally use crypto trading bots, if the film's timeline was in 2021. So his adventures are interesting to follow.
College Girl Movies
Women power! Who doesn't like an inspiring movie about girls in college? Plus, this type of film is usually filled with the newest fashion trends. Student life, style and emotions - what can be better?

Damsels In Distress, 2011
“The rescue of drowning people is not the work of the drowning people themselves,”. This is what the heroine of Greta Gerwig, Violet Whistler, firmly believes. She sees the problems of her fellow students and cannot leave them in trouble. But her ideas about help are specific. Though if they were ordinary, then we would not see Gerwig in the title role. In her spare time, Violet runs a center for combating depression. They teach tap dancing and maintaining personal hygiene there - one of the "victims" of Aubrey Plaza has something to say on this. She takes care of freshmen and strongly advises to date less successful men - to maintain their self-esteem. Damsels in distress is like Mean Girls in reverse. Here, everyone tries very hard to love each other and conflict only on ideological issues. Also interspersing romantic hobbies with the fulfillment of a mission to turn a masculine campus into a civilized place of study.

Pitch Perfect, 2012

Another film about the power of female friendship, multiplied by study and self-confidence. Despite all the chances of becoming a passing movie about girlfriends, "Pitch Perfect" was successful. It maneuvers among the pitfalls of the genre that it has acquired an army of fans, and even a sequel. The opening sounds like a plot for the fans of the show "The Voice", but the audience of this film is much wider.

A group of female students gather an a cappella group to compete with other colleges. The girls sing well and are talented. But the main thing within the movies is not singing, but everything accompanying. This includes the lead, played by Anna Kendrick, the killer Rebel Wilson and loads of great jokes. In many ways, the success of the film is the work of the producer, Elizabeth Banks. And also the fact that the shooting was more like a singing workshop for friends. In general, everyone who watched "Pitch Perfect" then tried to reproduce the famous "Cup Song" at least once.
College Based Movies About Love
Relationships in college years are often quite emotional. It can be a lifetime love, or a short affair that will live in your memory forever. College movies help you relive these years - or dream about upcoming ones. And to watch a movie safely you can always use the best proxy servers.

Kicking and Screaming, 1995
Noah Baumbach's directorial and screenwriting debut. The singer of "the problems of ordinary white people", Baumbach made his first film in a logical way about college. Or rather, about how not to be afraid of its end and the beginning of adulthood. His heroes are a group of friends and acquaintances who are going through standard situations familiar to many. Someone breaks up, someone leaves, and someone goes to the tenth year of study, just not to face reality. To truly let go, you need to follow how to feel everything that happened, which is what friends are doing.

The Rules of Attraction, 2002
A controversial adaptation of the equally provocative novel by Bret Easton Ellis. The film is really mostly about sex - and what the students are willing to do for it. Do not think that this is another cute comedy that you can watch with your family, never blushing. After all, the main character is the younger brother of Patrick Bateman from American Psycho.

James Van Der Beek, from Dawson's Creek, plays Sean Bateman. Falling in love with the virgin Lauren, he unwittingly becomes a member of a love triangle, caught in the eye of her ex-bisexual boyfriend Paul (a good chance to see a young Ian Sommerholder in this role). This film is equally a comedy and a cynical drama about the lives of privileged students at the fictional Camden College.

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