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Do the TV Shows You Consume Affect the Video Games You Play?

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With so many different entertainment mediums for viewers to choose from, it’s not uncommon for people to experience an overlap. Watching TV shows might not mean you’re genetically predisposed to be a gamer, yet it can enhance the odds. Not only that, but the content you consume through a TV screen could impact your gaming habits. Continue reading to learn why this is the case.

Vision and Movement
Part of the reason the two platforms are connected is due to the physical effects they have on the brain. As far back as 1998, the research highlighted how the likes of video games and TV shows stimulated certain areas of the brain, such as vision and movement. Although other regions were unaffected, such as the areas responsible for emotions and behavior, the visual and physical elements played a significant role in the user experience.

However, this isn’t the only reason gaming and TV share a relationship – it's also due to the release of dopamine, the “feel-good” chemical that regulates pleasure. Technology has helped game developers and TV producers to ensure their content delivers this “feel-good” chemical in the most effective way. Massively Multiplayer Role-Playing Games (MMRPG), for instance, combine social features such as teamwork and interaction to improve the gameplay, this also releases striatal dopamine.

These are components that are found in most of the TV industry’s main hits, from The Walking Dead to Game of Thrones. It's no coincidence they are popping up more regularly, particularly as both sectors are consumer-service dominated and must keep up to date with what users want to stand out from the crowd.

Crossover Themes
The crossover doesn’t end with subtle, unconscious features. If anything, it's only the beginning of the journey now that the entertainment industry understands the power of branding. Take the example of online casinos. Digital wagering platforms have skyrocketed to prominence thanks to their extensive libraries that contain classics such as slot machines, Texas Hold’em poker, and blackjack.

But in many ways, these platforms have found themselves in a somewhat tricky position as there is now a need to continually release new titles in order to keep meeting customer expectations. To do this, they leverage popular television themes that appeal to audiences who are already invested in the brand. A prime example is the use of Marvel as the Marvel cinematic universe is a billion-dollar market with a plethora of fans.

Other games also use this tactic to engage consumers and ensure the user engagement doesn't decrease, including bingo. A glance at any bingo platform will reveal games with titles such as “Deal or No Deal” or “Voice Bingo”, two releases that are based on UK television shows. In addition to the fun and community aspects of the game, this tactic also explains why the industry has experienced a revival in recent years, and why the ability to play bingo games is now an in-demand hobby loved worldwide.

Expect to see greater levels of crossover between the two mediums now that the strategy is undoubtedly a tried and tested method to diversify products and add value to the providers' content.

360 Branding
Never one to miss out on a sure-thing, both industries often pool their resources to cement their positions and boost their bottom lines. How many TV shows can you think of that have corresponding video games or vice versa?

If you’re struggling for inspiration, you shouldn’t forget iconic figures such as Spider-Man, Batman, and Superman. Then, there is the World Wrestling Entertainment franchise, and that’s without mentioning the growth of science-fiction content, such as The Witcher. Considering the games and series take inspiration from one another, it’s logical to assume you’ll be drawn to the brand, regardless of the medium.

The simple answer is – yes, the shows you watch can affect the games you play. Of course, now that you know this, you can always make an effort to switch up your approach.

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