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Best Comic Books Courses & Classes for Students

Without a doubt, most of us may remember the sweet times of our childhood when our fascination with Spider-Man or Transformers would make us sit below the branches of a tree and read the comics. It has always felt way more interesting than reading school textbooks, which is why almost every child would have some comic books to exchange with his or her friends. If you still have this comic book vibe in you, it is high time to take a look at the best comic book courses and classes that can help make your dreams come true!

Here are some interesting online options to consider that both beginners and professionals will enjoy:

How to Make a Comic Book. An amazing course by Coursera that is offered by the HTH School with two amazing instructors. A special section of this course is dedicated to getting your comic book ready for publishing purposes, which is not easy if you do not know the basics. It focuses on thumbnail creation, sketches, logic, shortenings, special slang, and many other important aspects that will help you feel at home as you start with the creation of your first comic book. Another rare aspect that you will enjoy is the scripting part or creation of the perfect script, which is much alike to how screenplay directors work.

Drawing Comics: A Beginner’s Guide. What makes this Skillshare course unique is that it allows you to try things free of charge and decide if you want to continue. The chances are high that you will love this hands-on course that explains the art of panels, which are essential for comic book drawing. It also teaches about the importance of good grammar and wording. If you have large portions of creative writing to edit and check by professionals, take time to visit Cleverr Up and let the experts handle your writing and editing needs. After all, text clarity plays a crucial role, which takes a professional approach as you choose among several options.

Character Art School: Complete Coloring and Painting Course. If you have already taken at least one course offered by Udemy, you might already know the quality it offers and a plethora of flexible learning options. This particular course focuses on various drawing techniques and explains the secrets behind dynamic characters by offering several examples from well-known comic books. This course is suitable both for beginners and those who have already tried their hand at the creation of simple drawings and sketches. What makes it special is the presence of a caring and experienced instructor.

Comics: Art in Relationship. It is a bit more complex offering from Kadenze, which focuses on comic book creation in sections and goes a bit deeper by learning not only the page layouts but also the relationships of pictures and the text ideas. It may seem a bit challenging since you will have to learn the writing methods and storytelling. If you find it too hard, you can also check college essay writing services and let professionals help you with anything from the creation of a strong thesis statement to editing and plagiarism checking. Still, have no worries as this course is quite logical as long as you stay creative and open-minded!

How Can Comic Book Reading Help Me?

It is a great way to establish coordination between text and visuals as you learn how to connect the images in your mind. It helps to improve various cognitive functions like logic, attention, and focus. If you approach comic books as the designer or a creative writer, it will start making even more sense as you learn to work with the language and understand how each capture and the footnote description work together. As the art in itself, comic books also stand for a variety of expression from politics and environment to superheroes, which makes them a valuable contribution to anyone’s life.

As an avid reader, Michael Carr loves anything from comic books to complex technology textbooks as he sees rationality everywhere. His posts offer efficient solutions that are easy to understand and implement in practice.

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