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Bringing Fandom Cool Into Your Everyday Vehicle

Cars have long played a role in film and TV. Motors from all different brands and lines have featured heavily in some of the most treasured fandoms around; the Classic Car Journal reckon that Ford have featured 61,683 times in films, cementing their role as a cultural icon and the ‘classic’ car for audiences around the world. Whether Bond’s Aston Martin or Magnum Pi’s Ferrari, these cars have been selected for their futuristic technological prowess and innate cool, but have always served a real-world purpose, too. For the average motorist, there are easy ways to bring an extra level of dedication for your fandom into everyday life through customizing your vehicle.
Mad Max’s Falcon
The Mad Max franchise remains one of the most iconic and unique to ever have been created. Regardless of what you think of the sequels, the aesthetic design and incredible lore of the Mad Max universe has created a timeless fandom. Even better is the fact that it can be remarkably easy to turn everyday cars suitable for regular commuting, into something akin to the gnarled and beaten up, while still getting the job of getting from A to B done.

Look at the XB GT Ford Falcon for inspiration. Cited by Popular Mechanics as one of the most iconic vehicles from the series, it bears closer inspection for establishing how to achieve the look. The car itself is, of course, beat up; rusted, scratched, and dull. The only part that might not fly with your everyday commuter vehicle is the supercharger; but you can avoid that without compromising the overall aesthetic design.
Classic Chevy Malibu
Not all fandoms require sci-fi tinkering or futuristic changes. Films like Pulp Fiction have brought together their own cult following over the years, and the interaction of Tarantino films, and how they gently link together, has been the subject of much lore-building by fanatics. Ever stylish, Tarantino films of course rely heavily on their vehicles to match the period depicted. For Pulp Fiction, that’s the Chevy Malibu.

The Chevy Malibu is of course now a classic car, and can be found online for auction. Furthermore, it’s quite possible to pick up later models of the classic vehicle design and tune it for your daily needs. The most recent model of the Malibu is, of course, a far cry from its Pulp Fiction cousin, but other models will do the trick.
Transcending genres – Ford Mustang
If nothing else, look to the Ford Mustang. A powerful workhorse car in its own right, new hybrid models are now being touted. The big benefit of the Mustang is, of course, the fact that it receives updates every year – and often with similar model shapes to previous. The Mustang is rife in fandoms. Bullitt, Gone In 60 Seconds, 2 Fast 2 Furious, James Bond – the list goes on when it comes to Mustangs featuring on the big screen.

The benefit of using a Ford Mustang is, as the History Channel outline, its outstanding and consummate versatility. You can easily pick up the latest model, or go for something a little older vintage. Either way you will have an authentic product with a lot of history attached to it, and with a lot of potential for geekification that can be molded to any number of your fandoms.

The wonderful and sometimes weird cars of film aren’t restricted to the screen. With a little research and thought, you can give yourself a daily reminder of the things you love through bringing fandom to the very vehicle you take about your business.

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