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5 Movies To Watch When You Need To Relax

Everybody loves a high-octane action movie, but sometimes at the end of a long day you just want to kick back and relax. These movies will wash over you like a gentle wave, helping stresses and worries melt away.
#1 Amélie (2001)
Perhaps the most laid back and feel good movie of all time, Amélie is a joy from start to finish. Much of this is down to the main character. She’s one of the few movie protagonists who is truly and completely good. Her only aim is to spread joy and happiness through the cafes and shops of Paris, and wherever she goes she always seems to bring light. The film doesn’t feature any danger or real suspense so it’s the perfect way to unwind. Moreover, Amélie’s unique art style and aesthetic is captivating in its own right, so this movie is always worth a look.
#2 Harvey (1950)
The oldest movie on the list, Harvey is an esoteric classic that still delights. It focuses on the life and times of Elwood P. Dowell (played by James Stewart) and his friendship with an imaginary 6 foot bunny. “Quirky” doesn’t really cover this movie. It’s magical, touching and hilarious all at the same time, but it has an important core message about acceptance and taking people as they are. Tolerance and understanding are two of the most important traits for improving your life, and this movie has plenty to teach about both.
#3 Paddington (2014)
It’s a difficult choice between the original Paddington and its 2017 sequel, but the first movie just about wins. You won't find a more warm-hearted story than this. Paddington is lovable, relaxed and just wants to make everybody around him smile. Couple this with a stunning vision of London and a cast who are clearly enjoying every moment, and you’ve got the perfect rainy day movie. Paddington’s adventure has a nearly dreamlike quality, and you’re bound to come away with a big smile on your face.
#4 The Big Lebowski (1998)
If you’re looking for a lesson on how to relax and unwind, then you can’t go far wrong with The Big Lebowski. Characters don’t come any calmer than Jeff Lebowski, who passes through life focussed purely on the simple things. This movie is popular among Buddhists (understandable since Jeff isn’t burdened with any of the trappings of life). It’s a lesson in letting the world wash over you while remaining an island of calm in the middle.
#5 Being There (1979)
Being There is a softly ambiguous movie that leaves you with more questions than answers. That’s really the point, though, and the mysterious final scene encourages you to speculate on whether the story has any meaning at all.

In the interim, it’s about as gentle as a movie can get, with some wit thrown in from Peter Sellers. Part satire, it charts the rise of Chauncey Gardiner as he climbs through the social circles of the rich and the royal, despite (apparently) having nothing to offer apart from idle conversation. Whether you believe that or not, this movie is as placid as it is thought provoking.

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