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MASTER SWITCHES: A New Doctor Who Charity Anthology

Are you ready for some further misadventures in time and space?
Master Switches, an unofficial Doctor Who anthology published by Altrix Books in aid of The Stroke Association is the follow-up anthology to the wonderful 2020 release, Master Pieces.

After a series of adventures without the Doctor (as detailed in Master Pieces), the many incarnations of the Master are back to doing what they do best; scheming to bring down their greatest adversary. The proverbial thorn in the side has made a hobby out of thwarting the Master's plans for universal domination. But even the Doctor can't always be the hero, the victor, and the star. Sometimes, the Master must take the Doctor's place...
Edited by Paul Driscoll and featuring contributions from a host of talented writers, including Paul Hiscock, Jon Arnold, Kenton Hall, Rachel Redhead and our very own Matthew Kresal. The Atrix Books website includes interviews with many of the authors featured within the pages of Master Switches, here's a brief teaser of the conversation they had with Matthew Kresal about his contribution to the anthology...

How would you describe your story in a nutshell?
Remember the strange bits from Day of the Daleks like, say, the Doctor shooting an Ogron and a supporting character just vanishing out of the story? That was the Master's doing, but probably not the one you were expecting.

What made you decide which Master and Doctor combo to go with?
Because of Day of the Daleks, I knew it was going to be the Third Doctor from the get-go. The choice of Master was done for plot reasons, to an extent, but also being a big fan of Sir Derek Jacobi's War Master. I'd enjoyed those few minutes of him toward the end of Utopia on-screen and have been thrilled with his work over at Big Finish - to the point that I would seriously rank him as my favourite Master these days. So it was one of those happy accidents that I got to feature a favourite Doctor alongside my favourite Master.

What’s your favourite line from your story?
'I am the Master. And you are going to die for me.' It felt like a classic Master line to write.

Master Switches is available to buy now for a limited time in various Amazon regions, including the UK and the USA. Grab a copy today and help support a great cause.

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