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How Your Favorite Show Can Help You Improve Your Translation Skills

Although watching TV may seem like entertainment alone, it has an educational aspect to it. When you watch programs on the TV, you learn a lot. Particularly, watching a TV show or a movie can enormously increase your knowledge in:
  • Culture,
  • History,
  • Human behavior,
  • Language.
If you are a translator, you will learn a lot while watching TV in the languages you are proficient in. You get to assimilate cultures and understand the context where certain vocabularies are used.

Improves Your Natural Language Flow
When you watch your favorite show in another language, you get to listen to natural language flow. You also get to understand expressions used in conversations that you would not know until you live within a particular setting. In general, having this knowledge will make you a better translator. It will give you an insight into language perks you never knew existed.

The beauty is, whatever language you are working with, you will find a TV show for it. Depending on your preference, you may fancy a comic touch to the shows you watch. If you are interested in improving your translations from Korean, there are funny Korean shows to choose from.
Enhances Listening Skills
Unless you are proficient in a language, it can be challenging watching it without a subtitle. Naturally, when you listen, you will not comprehend everything you listen to. It can be frustrating watching and hearing something you are not able to understand completely. When you keep watching episode after episode, you will get better at understanding conversations. Also, the words and phrases you were unable to understand will become clearer with time. Ultimately, this will improve your listening skills. By extension, you will be in a better position to translate works.

Improves Fluency
You can use your favorite show to improve the fluency of your language. You can achieve this by shadow talking after the characters of the show. It means you will repeat each word spoken by the characters in particular scenes. It makes the process a lot more exciting if you can concentrate on shadowing your favorite character. Doing this will keep you motivated to continue. Your ability to consistently shadow the characters of a program will help you become fluent in the language. When you become fluent, you will have a better understanding of the language and provide better translations.

For you to improve your overall understanding of a language, you will need to practice. All the words, phrases, and expressions you learn from watching your favorite show will slip away if you do not practice. It will be a good idea if you can find a community that speaks the language. Also, you will need to practice translating while listening to recordings. To evaluate the quality of your translation work, translate recordings using the translation agency online. Then you can use the outcome from this service to compare with your translation work.

Listen to Different Dialects and Accents
For you to truly understand a language, you will need to understand it in different dialects. So, it may be of benefit if you can find a show that runs with characters that speak with different dialects or accents. If you are lucky, your favorite show may have episodes that feature characters that speak different dialects or accents of the same language. At such a point, you will be exposed to different pronunciations and vocabularies. In the long run, this will improve your translation process and make you a better translator.

Watching your favorite show can drastically improve your translation skills. It can increase your knowledge and fluency of the language. Also, it will improve your listening skills and help you better identify different dialects and accents. Finally, you will need to practice what you have learned to ensure retention.

About Author
Melony Hart is a regular contributor to translation and transcription websites. Over the years, she has sharpened her writing and language skills. Doing this has made her an expert in these fields.

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