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The Best Movies About Racing

Racing movies never fail to put the audiences on the edge of their seats. Purchasing a car with hard-earned money or smart-earned cash by playing jednoręki bandyta and driving it with a cinematic feel is beyond words. Racing movies have always had a special place in the hearts of the audiences. With fast-paced action, jaw-dropping visuals, and over-the-top high-speed racing are some of the attributes of a racing film. Although there are many fantastic racing films, this is our take on the best movies about racing:

Days of Thunder
Days of Thunder, starring Tom Cruise, is a story about a hotshot racer that tries to make it to NASCAR. The film follows the struggle of Cole Trickle (played by Tom Cruise) to make it big in the racing world. If you are someone who is poisoned by racing and sports cars, then this high-budget Hollywood film on all-American motorsport can be the proper antidote.

The Gentleman Driver
Every one craves to drive in the motorsport fields across the globe with top professional drivers. The Gentleman Driver is a movie that focuses on non-professional businessmen trying their luck in the field of racing. The film beautifully narrates the hardships a budding racer faces and the passion that people have for formula racing.

A documentary-style film Heroes revolves around a round table conversation of Michele Mouton, Felipe Massa, Tom Kristensen, and Mika Hakkinen. Watch as these heroes explain and touch different topics such as lives, racing careers, hardships, in-game politics, and much more to become a successful racer. The film Heroes is exclusively available on

Senna is a true story based on the legend Aryton Senna. Aryton Senna was considered to be one of the best drivers to ever drive in the F1 tracks. The story revolves around the life of Aryton Senna, from his hardships at the start of his career to meeting with a tragic crash at Imola. The film uses archived racing footage of the legend himself and gives the audience an authentic experience from the eyes of Aryton Senna. Senna, played by Alain Prost, is a visual treat to the audience as he nailed the character with his incredible acting skills.

Ford Vs. Ferrari
The award-winning academy movie Ford Vs. Ferrari is the all-time fan-favorite with regards to racing. Starring Christian Bale and Matt Damon in the lead roles, Ford Vs. Ferrari is a visual gift to those who love racing. Caroll Shelby (played here by Matt Damon) is an American automotive designer, and Ken Miles (played in this movie by Christian Bale) is a ruthless British race car driver. Watch them both battle corporate interference, the canons of physics, and personal demons to build a masterpiece for the Ford Motor Co. Teaming-up, the competition between them and Enzo Ferrari at the twenty-four hours of Le Mans in France 1966 forms the main crux of the story. James Mangold directs the film in a beautiful narrative manner.

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