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Top 5 Eco Houses: Live Green, Dream Big?

Today, more and more people are starting to live greener life. They want their homes to be eco-friendly and comfortable at the same time, just the same way as using the best casino apps - they want them to be green! So what do we mean by "green" exactly? Well, the term 'eco' comes from ecological, which means that it has something to do with living in ways that preserve our planet rather than destroy it. Eco houses are built with an environmentally responsible design, energy efficiency in mind, and use renewable energy sources whenever possible. If you're planning to build your own eco house, here are five designs you'll love below.

  1. Passive Solar Eco House;
  2. The Somerville Passive House;
  3. The Bioshelter Home;
  4. The Meera Sky Garden House;
  5. The Ecocapsule.

Passive Solar Eco House

One of the most important parts of building green homes is fully utilizing passive solar energy. Solar radiation reaches Earth every day, and since we need light and warmth for our survival, we should be using as much as possible from this source. Passive solar design or passive house technology manages to take advantage of this by using south-facing windows to collect sunlight and heat the home. As a result, it helps reduce heating costs by more than 70 percent!

Another great example of such eco-houses recently built is a home located in Kivikko, Finland. It was built according to the strictest passive standards – no heating system needed! However, despite its spectacular green features like insulated walls and glass surfaces (for heat retention), the house still includes all amenities needed.

The Somerville Passive House

This house is just around 32 square meters but offers enough space for a studio apartment. And it uses absolutely no heating system or cooling appliances – not even chimneys! You see, this house was built according to precise passive solar housing guidelines laid out by the Passive Solar Industries Association (PSIA).

And what makes it so efficient? Mainly, three elements: sound insulation, south-facing windows, and excellent ventilation systems. But let's go into more detail about each of these features below because they are essential when building green homes. First, the walls are insulated with a mix of cork, cellulose, and mineral wool. As a result, this house can retain heat or cold equally well. Next, the windows are south-facing to offer the best sunlight possible throughout the day while still having an energy-efficient glass surface. Finally, it comes with a pre-heating ventilation system that automatically sends warm air from the living room into each bedroom before you arrive home!

The Bioshelter Home

This particular green dream home has been compared to a ‘ship in a bottle because of its unique design and organic shape. So what's so eco about this house? Well, for starters, it includes a double-wall system with a 'breathable' cavity for insulation – this is where the term passive house comes from.

Its exterior design includes four south-facing, U-shaped modules that allow the sun to heat up a greenhouse and power a cooling tower beneath it! And since this eco-house has been built using sustainable materials like recycled water bottles, you can feel safe knowing that your home isn't harming the environment in any way.

The Meera Sky Garden House

If you're looking for an eco-house that shows off its natural surroundings as much as possible, then check out this one in Singapore. When you initially approach it from the street, your eyes are immediately drawn to the spectacular green roof covering the entire house.

When the house is made from a combination of vines and stones, this genuinely eco feature doesn't just look good but also saves resources by lowering air conditioning costs while allowing lots of natural light to come through. This way, residents can spend more time enjoying their natural environment and fewer resources cooling down a dark home!

The Ecocapsule

One thing's for sure – if you ever decide to build your own eco house, then there's no doubt that you'll be recycling as many materials as possible into its design. So here's another inspiring example for you with this capsule-like building known as the Ecocapsule. And as you might've guessed, it's designed to be as eco-friendly as possible because of its structural characteristics and ability to produce its own energy.

Made from a GRP polymer shell with an aluminium frame, this house is strong yet lightweight – perfect for hauling around. Its rounded shape also allows the sun to penetrate deep inside so that residents can enjoy a natural light-filled home no matter where they move it to.

The Tumbleweed Tiny House Company

This Company has been leading the pack regarding sustainable green homes since Michael Janzen founded it in the 1990s! In fact, this is the place to go if you want to build your own tiny eco house with its series of detailed designs and complete kits.

And why exactly is it so popular? As we all know, larger homes require more energy and materials to produce and maintain – they're basically a hotbed for waste. And that's where these tiny green homes come into play because they allow families or individuals to live comfortably without harming the environment.

What is the Most Eco-Friendly Way to Build a House?

Building an eco-house can be a lot of hard work, but in the end, it's definitely worth your while, as is the case with playing with free pokies. And since you're on this website to learn how to build a green home, we'll give you a few tips on how to make one from scratch. First and foremost, consider using low-impact products for everything from material supplies to labour. In addition, think about installing solar panels on your roof because they generate more energy than ever before and last for at least 25 years! But above all else, make sure you hire contractors that have gone through extensive certification training so that their materials are of the highest quality and eco-friendly. That way, you know your family is going to be safe in your new home each day!

In closing, building your own eco house doesn't have to be difficult, but it does require using sustainable products throughout the entire design and construction process. And once you do that, you can live comfortably knowing that your home isn't destroying the environment.

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