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Paid to Play: 10 Ways to Make Money in the Creator Economy

What is the best way to make money online? This is a question most aspiring content creators ask, but there’s no straightforward answer. Truth is, being a creator in today’s digital world is no easy feat, yet not as far out of reach as you might assume.

With a few digital gadgets and some knowledge, you can stand out from the crop and make serious money online. These 10 genius ideas are sufficient to point you in the right direction.

Gaming Streams
Gaming is no longer considered Childs play since it's making people money out in the real world today. According to statistics, the majority of gamers earn a high income, which makes gaming an attractive online pursuit.

What’s more, you don’t need to be exceptionally great to stand out and make money as a gamer. There are different games streaming services to learn how to play, let your personality shine and create a following. These include:

Twitch has been home to thousands of online gamers worldwide for quite a while now. This, however, doesn’t mean you can’t make serious money through the platform. Once you have a following, Twitch offers you additional ways to monetize your gaming exploits. These include using paid ads, Amazon affiliate links, and receiving PayPal donations.

YouTube operates similarly to Twitch, but with more possibilities to make money. On this platform, you can live stream your games, take and offer critique to other gamers and even offer gaming lessons. In addition, once you have enough subscribers, you can monetize your YouTube channel through paid advertising.

Whichever platform you choose for getting paid and streaming live games, make sure to put in the effort required to avoid disappointment. Nothing comes easy.

Dropshipping is one of the popular ways to make online money without too much capital. Judging by the numerous dropshipping success stories, the trade offers great returns once you understand its inner workings.

Simply put, dropshipping is an order fulfillment method that allows you to ship products from manufacturer to seller directly. As the middleman, your work only revolves around taking customer orders online and relaying this information to the supplier to fulfill the order.

Since the orders are wholesale, the price difference is what you take home after a successful transaction. Numerous platforms allow you to set up an online dropshipping store, but the best include Shopify and WooCommerce, to name a few.

Make sure you have a laptop and a stable internet connection to succeed in the dropshipping business. Also, choose a niche where there are consumer shifts and specialize in that area rather than being a jack of all trades. This way, potential customers will trust you with their money.

Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate marketing has become a not-so-secret way of making money since millions earn from it daily. You’ve probably come across affiliate marketing ads on your social media feed or websites but didn’t realize it could make you money.

Well, it can and it involves promoting products or services on behalf of businesses to earn commission on sales made. What’s more, affiliate marketing doesn’t require significant capital to start.

With several high-quality posts that attract traffic posted on your blog, there are companies out there willing to partner with you. These include big brands like Shopify, Uber, and Amazon.
Online Course

One thing that will never change among humans is the constant need to increase knowledge, and sharing it could make you money. If you’re a subject expert, you can monetize that knowledge by providing paid courses online.

Some online courses could make you as much as $5000 a month, depending on the platform of your choice. With popular sites like Udemy, much of the heavy lifting is already done and all you need is to create a course, paste it there and let the site work its magic.

However, if the course is self-hosted on your website, you may need to run several ad campaigns for promotion. Alternatively, you can build an email list to use as your main promotional channel since email is more personal.

Whichever root you choose, make sure to do enough background research so you can create a unique course and not a spin of the same old content.

Influencer Marketing
Influencer marketing has made great strides with the highest influencer earner, Cristiano Ronaldo, earning a whopping $975,000 per advertisement. While the world’s biggest stars profit hugely from being influencers, even smaller influencers can make good money.

The secret to becoming an influence is choosing a suitable platform like Instagram or YouTube to grow your following. Not that you need a Kardashian-sized following, but your fan base has to be loyal enough to follow your purchase instructions.

Cold pitching companies are the best strategy when reaching out to corporations for influencer gigs. However, you can also leverage influencer networks, which connect credible influencers with corporate advertisers. Such platforms include Upfluence, Grin, and CreatorIQ.

Online Writing
Freelance writing is one of the fastest-growing online industries, and you can tap in on a share of this wealth. To become a skilled writer, all you need is good grammatical skills, sentence flow, and structure, plus a knack for words.

Furthermore, once you hone your writing skills, you can become a specialist writer and not a generalist, which means higher pay. Clients love writers with knowledge on a specific subject because it means they can produce high-quality, valuable content.

Getting writing clients isn’t all that hard. As a beginner, you need two or three high-quality samples to use while pitching to various clients. As you progress, you can upgrade from samples to having published posts.

The highest paying freelance writing clients are in platforms such as Upwork, and Fiver. However, if you have above-average pitching skills, cold pitching clients directly could make you more money online than working through third-party sites.

YouTube Channel
Not so long ago, YouTube’s primary purpose was entertainment. People would log in to view funny clips and videos posted on random channels. This is not the case today as YouTube is a platform consumer’s use for various purposes, including educating themselves.

To make top dollar through YouTube, find a single niche and establish yourself as a command. Create useful tutorials around the subject matter and make them creative, so they don’t bore your core audience.

Once you gather enough subscribers, YouTube enrolls you into their Google AdSense program where you receive commissions for advertising through your channel. Read YouTube terms and conditions to understand better how the platform works.

Website Domains
Most businesses have a website today, so the competition for high-quality domain names is on the rise. The more authoritative a domain name is, the better position a website has at ranking on search engines.

Here, your focus should be on trending domain names and those with custom names. These types are among those in high demand on platforms such as Domain Auction. If you want a rough estimate Log in, check the domain names with the highest bids, and look for ones with similar characteristics that you can easily flip.

Podcasts are a new way of making money online, but it has been around for years, although as iPods and not podcasts. This ecosystem has flourished so much that podcasting has become refined, established, and singularly extensive.

And with the addition of smartphones, podcasting has garnered a cult-like following worldwide. If you want to make money from podcasting, talk about creative but applicable topics on your channel.

Once you carve out an audience, businesses will reach out to you for advertising, sponsorship, consultancy, and coaching. Plus, you only need a working microphone, computer, and stable internet to start, and be sure, regardless of your topic inclinations, someone out there is willing to listen.

Transcribing and Translation
Transcribing and translation are one of the fastest ways to make money online since the concept is relatively easy to grasp and execute. Transcribing involves listening to audio clips and writing down what is said while translation is converting text or audio into different languages.

When it comes to transcribing, all you require is a computer, headphones, and internet connection, and companies like TranscribeMe would be willing to work with you. Of course, you’ll have to take and pass their mandatory English test first.

The same applies to translation, only that here you must be conversant with two or more foreign languages. Furthermore, clients want experienced translators with a proven track record of delivering.

A New Dawn of Earning
As you can see, there are infinite ways to make money online, and the possibilities only continue to grow with time. The best advice would be to pick an area or two that you think you may excel in and work towards becoming a skilled online worker.

Luckily, there are both free and paid courses available about most of these subject areas online. Take advantage of them to grow your skill-set so you can attract the top-paying clients in any field.

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