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Great news that will satisfy all devotees of the old additional items, all the more explicitly the absolute first World of Warcraft Classic. The launch of the Season of Mastery on November 16, 2021, is where gamers start their excursion from the start on the recently made game universes.

The game substance is partitioned into six sections, yet the updates will be delivered a lot quicker than in the typical renditions of the game. It will take an aggregate of a year to send off all substance, and significance updates will generally happen at regular intervals.


There will be 6 phases altogether, which adds a new thing to the game in both PvE and PvP terms. We should begin entirely.

Stage 1
This is likewise the beginning of the period. There were two strikes, and a few prisons opened, the rule of relying on trust and milestones carried out. What's fascinating - beforehand, undeniable PvP was just accessible in stages 3-4 of World of Warcraft.

Liquid Core - the first and one of the most popular assaults of the WoW exemplary, accessible from the beginning of the Season of Mastery. Inside, gamers anticipate monster multitudes of foes and upwards of 10 hazardous supervisors. After killing them, legends will want to get different epic gear and set T1 pieces.

Onyxia's Lair is the second strike accessible, with simply one supervisor to battle. In the wake of killing Onyxia, gamers have the option to begin a chain of missions and some pleasant gear. Albeit the fight looks basic, it's a long way from it - you ought to get ready for it ahead of time by getting-together with the greatest imperviousness to fire!

Maraudon is a complex of prisons with experiences, enigmas, and occupants. Inside, you can finish many fascinating journeys, yet in addition, get good gear. It is the first and undeniable level prison in WoW Classic.

WoW Classic honor focuses and landmarks framework is a genuine present for devotees to cross sharp edges with their adversaries. While already honor focuses and milestones just showed up in later forms of the game, presently, the full scope of PvP fun is accessible to everybody. Players can invest their energy in fights from the beginning, overhauling abilities and purchasing cool rewards and mounts.

Stage 2
Desperate Maul: Like Moroudon, this immense prison complex is loaded with adversaries, managers, and mysteries. Players can finish many missions, recover different things, and realize every one of the insider facts of this spot populated by Ogres, Demons, and Satyrs. Access is available to characters from level 38.

Azuregos is the principal world manager in WoW history in the Azshara region. Players of the most extreme can kill the mythical beast, and epic things and mission materials fall as plunder.

Kazzak is the second World of Warcraft Classic chief and found in the Blasted Lands. It's somewhat more troublesome than Azuregos, yet its award is more significant. It's additionally the primary thing to be mined, beginning a long chain of Priest journeys.

Stage 3
Blackwing Lair - the most renowned spot of WoW Classic, situated in the profundities of the Blackrock Mountain. This spot is the den of Nefarian, known for his adoration for trial and error, and wants to raise the ideal mythical serpents. Battling their direction through many adversaries, gamers wind up on the actual top of the mountain, where the last fight happens. The compensation for their works is epic protective layer and weapons, set T2 parts, and consumable materials to finish different journeys.

Darkmoon Faire is a spot saturated with occasion, soul, and amusement. In the wake of finishing fun journeys, gamers get exceptional cash to purchase different materials and stand with the group. It merits recollecting that this is a rare occasion, and it's ideal for getting ready for it ahead of time, particularly given the sped-up mode in the WoW Season of Mastery.

Darkmoon card decks are unique gatherer things that can be gathered to get an extraordinary frill, some of which are viewed as BiS for characters of a specific class. The entire deck is tough to collect, as parts of it are dissipated all over Azeroth, and the possibility of dropping out is negligible.

Stage 4
Zul'Gurub is a spot in the Stranglethorn Vale protected by different savage clans. A gathering of 20 players can get inside and realize every one of the mysteries. Clients will experience dull customs, countless adversaries, and the eldest god - Hakkar. Epic things of hardware, mounts, and journey things are the loot. There's likewise a decent opportunity to get defensive layer tokens.

However, Green Dragons are presently not accessible in World of Warcraft, added explicitly in the Season of Mastery. Gamers treated a large group of missions, fights, and a story many have never experienced.

Stage 5
The start of the mission in Ahn'Qiraj is genuinely one of the most epic crossroads throughout the entire existence of WoW Classic, as a great many players open the entryways with their hands. You'll need to accumulate huge assets and complete many missions and up notoriety with groups. In addition, the most diligent ones get an opportunity to turn into the proprietor of an unbelievable novel mount - the Black Ahn'qiraj Battle Tank. Also, the most grounded player will acquire the title - «Scarab Lord».

Ahn'qiraj attacks opening - as the fundamental mission finished, the PvE content of the World of Warcraft Season of Mastery additionally be opened.

First to open were the Ruins of Ahn'qiraj, a 20-man strike where six supervisors welcome the gathering driven by Ossirian the Unscarred. The loot is epic hardware.

From there on, the Temple of Ahn'qiraj opened, a spot known among players and fit for bringing out sentimentality among the genuinely World of Warcraft Classic Season of Mastery. A gathering of 40 individuals needs to battle six required managers, the principal one being the old god C'thun and three discretionary ones. Notwithstanding epic things, journey things, and Tyr 2.5 tokens mined inside. Many journeys uncovering the conflict of yore's people are also accessible to all.

Stage 6
The disclosure of Naxxramas is a characterizing occasion in World of Warcraft history. The critical area, situated in the Eastern Plaguelands, has a limit of 40 characters. There are over ten managers to battle, the most grounded of which is a notable lich to devotees of the series - Kel'Thuzad. Players get set T3 parts, excellent covering and weapons, and consumable materials as goods. A unique award is shards of the incredible staff for any mystical class in the WoW Classic Season of Mastery.

Scourge Invasion - an occasion of equivalent scale and significance to the kickoff of the doors of Ahn'qiraj, examined previously. The Invasion has sent off a massive intrusion of Azeroth, and the errand of the saints is to join with the Silver Dawn and retaliate against the adversary! The whip fights in World of Warcraft's Classic Season of Mastery happen in 6 areas:
  • Eastern Plaguelands;
  • Azshara;
  • Impacted Lands;
  • Consuming Steppes;
  • Tanaris;
  • Winterspring;
  • As well as the significant group urban areas and a few prisons.
Battle the whip in the strike and all around the central area also! Prepare!


It's unquestionably never an ill-conceived notion to return to the exemplary rendition of the game and take in the air of the «real» World of Warcraft. Newbies discover new information and are intriguing, and veterans of the game recall the old adventures and rehash them.

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