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Superheroes Who Love Casino Games

Superheroes are people who go for some remarkable feats to save human lives and, sometimes, even the world. Sometimes, these characters share an ordinary human passion for casino games. After all, many comic book heroes are adventurous personalities who enjoy taking risks. In this material, we will overview the most popular superheroes who love gambling. Get prepared for some interesting information about your favorite characters.

Iron Man

Tony Stark is an adventurous and ambitious billionaire with a unique attitude to life. He likes taking risks, whether it goes about situations in which he wears the Iron Man suit or not. As one of those characters who like gambling, Tony Stark is sometimes into playing the most notable casino games. He is one of those persons who you expect to raise billions of dollars in Royal Vegas online casino or similar gambling site. He is also a person you expect to be successful in almost everything, ranging from card games to slot machines provided by online casinos.

The point is that Mr. Stark is a well-known symbol of luck and success. Even the fact that he has survived a fatal injury and lives with a unique device that secures his heart shows us how lucky Iron Man is. No wonder a legendary British band Black Sabbath, members of which are also known for their passion for gamble attractions, has named their greatest hit after one of the most notable superheroes who love casino games.


Okay, Bruce Wayne doesn't seem to be one of those superheroes who can easily become gamblers. However, as a billionaire, he is not alien to casino game attractions. Besides, his main enemy villain, Joker, is known as a symbol of cardboards. We can also mention one more villain from stories about the dark knight. It goes about Harvey Dent. The Two-Faced is also very much relying on fortune, as he lets the coin decide the fate of his victims. All these characters are central figures in various DC slots and so on. Therefore, Batman is inevitably associated with gamble attractions.

Another important point about this legendary figure is that the man in the bat's suit fights crime in Gotham City, which is a real sin city. It is loaded with various casinos, and the story of Mr. Wayne perfectly conveys their aesthetics. This is one of the most famous and stylish noir stories. The narrative about a grim fighter in the bat suit will certainly be admired by those who are into blackjack and similar attractions.


Well, here comes a real superhero gambler. Gambit is known for his reckless approach to living. Also, a playing card is a symbol of this comic book character. He loads these cards with destructive energy that literally makes his enemies explode. Surely, with such attributes, Gambit is definitely a person who can enjoy poker. He is also often used in the design of some of the best slot machines. As one of the most loved X-Men heroes, this charismatic gambler definitely contributes to the popularity of casinos among readers of comics stories.

This man has a rather tragic story, but he is strong enough to remain positive and feels optimistic about the future. His image can easily become a source of inspiration for all those unlucky players. After all, the key point about slot machines and similar attractions is to find what you really like and to be patient. Just like Gambit, we recommend you never to lose your fire and always aim at big wins. Surely, you should remain rational and go control your budget.

The Witcher

Geralt of Rivia is a hero from some of the greatest novels and videogames ever. Surely, The Witcher is not one of those books on gambling you may find on various sites. Moreover, Geralt is not a professional gambler. Unlike all other personalities on this list, he is not even a comic book character. However, it is a person who is very much into tavern romanticism. This question is explored in both game and a novel, as well as in the recent TV show filmed by Netflix.

After killing another monster, Geralt goes to a road tavern. Here he can drink some alcohol, take a contract for another monster, fight with local brawlers, and, surely, show his love for gambling. The greatest game in the universe of Witcher is Gwent. It is a card game that encourages the player to collect rare cards with images of the most notable personalities of the Witcher's world.

When you're into Gwent you not only win money but also get some new images with unique people. You may get cardboards with images of Witcher, Ciri, Vesemir, Yennefer, or Triss. For sure, this makes both Geralt and you, a player excited. Actually, Gwent is such a good attraction that the developers of the original The Witcher trilogy have released a separate video game dedicated to it. You may download Gwent on the Internet and experience the excitement of a legendary book hero who really loves gambling.


So, that was the list of the most notable super heroic persons who love gambling. Surely, it may be expanded with many other comic book icons. We can mention some members of the justice league, Green Lantern, or even criminal masters, such as Oswald Cobblepot known as the Penguin. However, we included only our favorite picks that prove to be the most influential Marvel and DC icons. And, surely, we have expanded the list with the notorious Geralt of Rivia. Probably, next time, it would be relevant to present a similar list for villains who love casino attractions.

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