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Theatre Shows to See Before You Die


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Whether you are a theater lover or not, there are some shows that are so fantastic that you just have to see them. These shows make you think, feel, give you new favorite songs to annoy your friends with, and help you to be more cultured all around.

If you like the sound of all that, but you don’t know where to start, here are some of the biggest and best theater shows you should see before you die:

1. American Utopia
American Utopia is a stunning part concert part dance show conceived by musical legend and frontman of Talking Heads, David Byrne. It’s basically a Spike Lee movie on the stage, but it’s also so much more than that. It’s hard to describe just how mesmerizing; how unbelievably energetic it is, so I guess you will have to go and see it for yourself.

2. Shen Yun
If you have any interest in Chinese culture at all, or even if you don’t think you do, you are definitely going to want to Shen Yun at least once in your lifetime. A celebration of China’s rich cultural heritage, it is full of bright colors, exciting new music, and of course, the most exquisite dancers you are ever likely to see on or offstage. If you see this and you aren't blown away, you have no soul.

3. Shakespeare
If you have never seen Shakespeare performed live before, then that is something you are definitely going to want to remedy as soon as you possibly can. Many of us think we don’t like Shakespeare because we have only ever read it from a book at school, but Shakespeare is meant to be performed. What can seem dry and impenetrable on the page suddenly comes to life and you’ll be laughing, or crying, along with the characters in no time at all.

It doesn’t matter which Shakespeare play you see, just make sure you see at least one!

4. Hamilton
If you’ve never seen Hamilton, you might be wondering if it could possibly live up to the hype. Safe to say, it really does. Telling the story of Alexander Hamilton, one of the USA’s founding fathers, it’s packed with surprisingly catchy hip-hop numbers, a compelling historical account, and some of the best actors and singers you will ever see in the theater. If you ever get a chance to see this show, you should embrace it with both arms.

5. The Rocky Horror Show
If you’re really skeptical about how much fun can be had at the theater, just go to see The Rocky Horror Show and you will soon see how foolish you have been. Packed with some of the catchiest rock and roll songs of all time, including the Timewarp, and with one of the most whacky B-movie-Esque storylines of all time, not to mention tons of audience participation and dressing up, you’re sure to have the time of your life.

6. Cats
Forget the terrible movie and give Cats a chance. It is one of the longest-running theater shows for a reason. The signs are great, the dancing is on point and the storyline is more compelling than a theater show about cats has any right to be.

7. The Lion King
Of course, if big cats are more your style, then you will want to check out The Lion King when it is showing near you. Baked, of course, on the Disney movie of the same name, and some of the best costume designs you will ever see in the theater, it's a joyful experience, but be warned, you will probably cry at some point too.

8. The Phantom of the Opera
Yes, you probably know the story of the disfigured phantom and his beautiful heroine only too well, but unless you have actually experienced the story unfolding right in front of you on the stage, you are seriously missing out. It’s a classic of the genre for a reason!

9. Wicked
Wicked is the story of the good witch Glinda from The Wizard of OZ and the bad witch Elphaba as they take a thrill-packed journey from being enemies to being friends to being kind of frenemies. It’s very teenage angsty, but if you love teen movies, you will love this, and the sore is one of the most memorable of all the modern theater shows, which is probably why it has held Broadway in thrall for so long.

See any of these shows and you won’t be disappointed.

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